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Recent Presentations

Numerical Modeling of Surface Waves and Storm Surges in Mobile Bay, Alabama.
Q. Jim Chen, Haihong Zhao, Lixia Wang and Scott L. Douglass.

Total Insect Bio-Inventory Project of the Mobile/Tensaw Delta.
John W. McCreadie and Peter H. Adler.

To Be or Not To Be: A Question of Death, Dormancy and Resurrection of the Marine Microbe Vibrio vulnificus.
John W. Foster and Asim Bej.

Effects of Estrogen Pollution on the Reproductive Fitness of the Gulf Pipefish, Syngnathus scovelli.
C. Partridge, J. Bolland, J. Rozelle, C. Cazalas, N. Ueda, T. Sherman, D. Forbes, J. Shardo, J. Hemming and A. Boettcher.

Food Web Interactions, Spatial Subsidies and the Flow of Energy Between the Mobile Bay Delta and Offshore Waters.
John F. Valentine, Timothy D. Sherman, Madhavan Soundararajan.

Spatial and Temporal Variability in Autotrophic Production and Heterotrophic Carbon Utilization in Mobile Bay.
Ronald P. Kiene, Jonathan R. Pennock and Jean L. W. Cowan.

Perceptions of Resource Impacts and Methylmercury Risks Associated with Seafood Consumption.
J. Steven Picou, Cecelia M. Formichella and Keith Nicholls.

How has the Mobile Bay Causeway Affected Chocalata Bay?
Miriam L. Fearn, Douglas W. Haywick and Justin M. Sanders.

Metals in Mobile Bay Waters: Sequestration as N-Heterocarbene Complexes?
Norris W. Hoffman, James H. Davis and Wayne Isphording.

Benthic Microalgae, Seagrasses and Marshes: Studying Anthropogenic Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems.
Just Cebrian, Adrienne Dunsmuir, Amy Hunter, Jason Stutes and Alina Corcoran.

Estimating wave tolerance of Spartina alterniflora in coastal Alabama.
Rebecca M. Roland and Scott L. Douglass.



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