Proposals Accepted for Funding, 1998 -- 2001

ACES Funded Proposals

Round 1 - 1998

Principal Investigators; Title; Amount/Duration

Douglas W. Haywick, Miriam L. Fearn, David T. Allison, Keith G. Blackwell, Lee S. Yokel; Holocene sedimentary history of Weeks Bay, AL: human and natural impacts on deposition in a Gulf coast estuary; $145K/36 months. 

David Nelson, Thane Wibbels, Ken Marion; Evaluation of Alabama estuaries as development habitat for juvenile sea turtles; $50K/24 months.

J. Steven Picou, Cecelia Formichella, G. David Johnson, Keith Nicholls; Environmental attitudes and knowledge of Alabama coastal residents: a baseline for developing sustainable coastal management strategies; $80K/12 months.

William M. Graham, Kenneth L. Heck; Recruitment potential of sea nettle (Chrysaora quinquecirrha) polyps around natural and artificial substrates in Mobile Bay; $15K/14 months.

Ronald P. Kiene; Effects of salinity stress on natural and anthropogenically-derived bacteria in estuarine environments; $54K/24 months.

Kenneth Heck, John Valentine, James H. Cowan, D. DeVries; Fisheries-induced changes in the structure and function of water "nursery" habitats: an experimental assessment; $261K/36 months.

Round 2 - 1999

Eugene A. Cioffi; Fluorescent whitening agents as facile pollution markers in shellfishing waters; $28,100/24 months.

William M. Graham; Interaction between water-column structure and reproduction in jellyfish populations of Mobile Bay; $32,260/24 months.

Timothy D. Sherman; Investigation of the use of pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry as an indicator of submerged aquatic vegetation health and environmental quality in Mobile Bay; $14,500/16 months.

Scott L. Douglass, Judy P. Stout; Stabilization of eroding shorelines in estuarine wave eliminates with constructed fringe wetlands incorporating offshore breakwaters; $131,285/36 months.

Ronald P. Kiene, Jonathan R. Pennock ,Florence I.M. Thomas; Effects of variation in river discharge and wind-driven resuspension on lower trophic levels in the Mobile Bay ecosystem; $300,059/36 months.

James H. Cowan, Jr., Arvind K. Shah; Red snapper demographics on artificial reefs: the effects of nearest-neighbor dynamics; $102,158/24 months.

Jonathan R. Pennock, Ronald P. Kiene; The role of land-use/ land-cover and river/ river-margin denitrification in the regulation of nitrogen delivery to the Mobile Bay ecosystem; $120,021/24 months.

James H. Cowan, Jr., John F. Valentine, William M. Graham; Effects of variation in river discharge and wind-driven resuspension on higher trophic levels in the Mobile Bay ecosystem; $303,846/36 months.

Round 3 - 2000

Justin M. Sanders, Douglas W. Haywick, Miriam L. Fearn; Resolution of sedimentation rates in impacted coastal environments using 137Cs Markers: Dog River and Fowl River embayments; $66,041/24 months.

Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., Per Moksnes; Shelter bottlenecks and self-regulation in blue crab populations: assessing the roles of nursery habitats and juvenile interactions for shelter dependent organisms; $63,927/24 months.

D. Mark Carpenter, Madhuri S. Mulekar, James F. Cruise; Remotely sensed data acquisition for Mobile Bay land-use/land change study; $29,568;/12 months.

Naomi F. Campbell; Synthesis and characterization of an electrochemical peptide nucleic acid probe; $38,874/15 months.

Scott C. Dorman, Wayne C. Isphording; Methods comparison between stripping voltammetry and plasma emission spectroscopy for metals in Mobile Bay; $33,459/12 months.

J. C. Zheng, K. D. White; Development of nested 3-D large eddy simulation modeling of the Mobile Bay estuary; $58,390/ 24 months.

David Nelson, Thane Wibbels, Ken Marion; Are Alabama estuaries a major developmental habitat for juvenile sea turtles?; $27,769;/12 months.

Anne A. Boettcher, Timothy D. Sherman, Charles D. Amsler, James B. McClintock, John F. Valentine; Role of invasive species in shaping plant-animal interactions in the delta; $34,113/12 months.

John W. McReadie; The paradox of the delta: protecting the biodiversity we do not yet understand; $35,112/12 months.

Just Cebrian, Jonathan Pennock; Effects of anthropogenic eutrophication on the magnitude and trophic fate of microphytobenthic production in estuaries; $35,280/12 months.

John F. Valentine, Timothy Sherman, James H. Cowan; Food web interactions, spatial subsidies and the flow of energy between the Mobile Bay delta and offshore waters: A SGER proposal to the Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies; $22,348/12 months.

Round 4 - 2001

John F. Valentine, Anna M. Cinkovich; The influence of shallow water hydrodynamics on the importance of seagrass detritus in estuarine food webs; $26,030/12 months.

Ronald P. Kiene; Osmolytes and their role as antioxidants in the salt marsh macrophyte Spartina alterniflora; $26,264/12 months.

Timothy D. Sherman, Anne A. Boettcher; Role of invasive species in shaping diversity of aquatic vegetation in the Mobile-Tensaw River delta; $33,162/12 months.

Qin Jim Chen, Scott L. Douglass; Characteristics of ship waves and wind waves in Mobile Bay; $25,480/12 months.

Charles L. Brockhouse, John W. McCreadie; A model for genetic diversity in aquatic insects of the Mobile/Tensaw delta; $34,103/12 months.

John W. McCreadie, Peter H. Adler; Total insect bio-inventory project of the Mobile/Tensaw delta: Documenting Alabama's natural diversity; $39,517/12 months.

Anne A. Boettcher, Judith Shardo, Jon Hemming; Effects of estrogen pollution on the reproductive fitness of the Gulf pipefish, Syngnathus scovelli; $48,816/18 months.

J. Steven Picou, Keith Nicholls; Monitoring environmental and policy orientations of Alabama residents: A longitudinal data base for Alabama coastal zone management; $55,383/12 months.

Miriam Lee Fearn, Douglas W. Haywick, Justin M. Sanders; Changes in water conditions and sedimentation rates associated with construction of the Mobile Bay causeway; $112,280/24 months.

Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., John F. Valentine, Jonathan R. Pennock; Predicting seagrass survival in nutrient enriched waters: Toward a new view of an existing paradigm; $105,825/12 months.

Alvin P. Rainosek, William F. Patterson, III; and James H. Cowan, Jr. Natural
biogeochemical tags of striped mullet, Mugil cephalus, estuarine nursery areas in the north central Gulf of Mexico; $87,755/18 months.

Just Cebrian; Evaluating trophic processes as indicators of anthropogenic eutrophication in coastal ecosystems: an exploratory analysis; $32,929/12 months.

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