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Academic Advising FAQ

How can I change advisors? Depending on your degree program, changing advisors should be relatively easy. If you are in a program that has a professional advisor, you may be required to see that individual. However, most programs have more than one person you can see. If you are in a program that primarily uses faculty advisors, you may request a change from the secretary of each department or the academic records specialist who is responsible for keeping advising records.

Should I drop a course? There are many variables to consider when trying to decide whether or not to drop a class. If at all possible, talk to the instructor and make sure that you have a clear understanding of your particular situation in a class. Faculty advisors, professional advisors, and counselors are available throughout the campus to help you make a clear decision. You may check the list of professional advisors at this web site and seek further assistance.

How do I drop a course? You may drop a course without penalty provided the withdrawal occurs within the time limits listed in the official calendar. After careful consideration, go to the Registrar's office and fill out a "Change of Course" form. Proceed to the Bursar's office and pay the drop fee.

How long will it take me to get off probation? The probation classification is a result of your GPA. The time frame that it will take to get you off probation will depend on the number of hours and quality points that you earn during a term. For further explanation and assistance in calculating your particular situation, call your advisor.

How do I get information on careers in my major/degree/subject area? Many advisors on campus are wonderful resources as to how a particular field of study can be directed into a satisfying career. Check the list of advisors provided in association with this web page to find the one who is most closely associated with your area of interest. You may also check with Career Services.

How do I change majors? Go to your major department and inform the secretary that you would like to change your major. You will be provided the appropriate documentation that will allow you to sign off in that department, and you will be given your academic folder. At this point you may take your folder to your new major department. Inform the person in charge that you have selected a new major. The new department will take your folder and keep it on file for advising purposes and assign a new advisor to you.

How do I change tracks in a major? See your advisor or the academic records specialist in your major department.

How do I get credit for a class I want to take at home in the summer? Prior permission is required from the dean of your college before a student in the University of South Alabama is permitted to take credit work as a transient student at another institution to be applied toward a degree at South Alabama. This process begins in the specific department in which the course that you want to take is located. You will be directed through each step from there.

Can I get tutorial help with……..? The following Colleges and Departments offer tutoring services: Biology, Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Math/Statistics, Physics, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing. Tutorial services are also currently offered by the Office of Special Student Services.

Can I study abroad during the summer? The Office of International Programs and Development, Alpha Hall East 320, 460-7053, administers University Programs Abroad in Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, and Mexico.

Can I be enrolled at the University of South Alabama and enrolled at another college at the same time? Dual enrollment is possible and is a process similar to requesting transient approval. You will need permission from the Dean of your college. So start with your academic advisor to secure˛the appropriate forms and to receive specific instructions about the process.

Can I double major? The newest information is available in the bulletin.

Individual majors have different requirements. Contact your advisor for further information.

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