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Graphic Design

Congratulations to the newest members of the Graphic Design Program, The Class of 2016:

Isaiah Alston, Meagan Apperson, Nick Brito, Keith Castelin, Karrie Ellis,
Ashley Fiveash, Danielle Fryer, Rachel Green, Ashton Howe-Aley, Katelyn Huff, Kristen Jones, Louise King, Catherine Lockwood, Lauren Newman, Noel Roberts, Jason Robison, Christine Rogalin, Suzanne Sarver, Sarah Beth Turnipseed,
Justin Walker, and Amy Wilkins

Graphic Design Sophomore Review Exhibition
Feburary 25–27, 2015

Students who wish to pursue a degree in graphic design at the University of South Alabama must apply for admission to the BFA program in graphic design after completing ARS 271 Introduction to Graphic Design, and who are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed (C or better) ARS 272 Typography, and ARS 273 Graphic Design Applications. Acceptance into the program is determined by a review process which is coordinated each spring semester. Only those admitted to the program are allowed to enroll in upper-level graphic design courses.

In order to participate, you must bring your portfolio pieces to the Visual Arts Gallery on Wednesday, February 25th, between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Each participant is responsible for hanging their work and presenting their pieces in a professional manner.

You will hang your work with push pins. Please purchase enough for all your boards to be hung. If you do not have enough space to place all of your work on the wall please lay them in a neat pile in front of your area.

Each student must also bring a printed copy of their Written Statement of Intent. Requirements are on the pdf, click here to view. The essay must be submitted along with the portfolio (please include your name and date). Attention should be given to presentation and writing quality. The written statement should not be mounted on a board. Your written component will be laid on the floor in front of your area (on the pile of pieces that would not fit on the wall).

Students will hang the show on Wednesday, February 25 and it will be open to the public during the normal gallery hours on Thursday and Friday, February 26–27. On the following day, (Monday, March 10 – the Monday after spring break) students must go the the gallery to reclaim their pieces, between 12:15 pm to 3:30 pm.

The items listed below must be included in the Sophomore Review portfolio. There should be no grade sheets or coverings on the pieces and any work that can be mounted should be. Make sure your name appears on the back of all your boards (label with a white tag). Here's the list:

The items listed below must be submitted for the Sophomore Review portfolio.
• Two Examples of a logo, symbol, or mark (One example must incorporate type)
• Two Pieces that show drawing ability (These can be either studio or digital, one needs to be a digital drawing or illustration)
• One Poster
• One Business card
• One Type dominant piece
• One Photoshop collage
• One Additional design piece

After the Review Committee deliberates, students will receive written notification of acceptance or non-acceptance to the BFA program in Graphic Design. Upon acceptance, the chosen students will be allowed to register for upper level graphic design classes and continue their studies toward the BFA in graphic design as outlined by the University of South Alabama Bulletin. Students must register for designated graphic design classes for the fall semester following acceptance to the program. Failure to register for classes or failure to progress through the graphic design curriculum in a timely manner will result in revocation of admission status.

Only design majors who have completed ARS 271 Introduction to Graphic Design, ARS 272 Typography, and ARS 273 Graphic Design Applications with a C grade or higher can apply for the review. Design majors who are currently taking ARS 272 Typography and/or ARS 273 Graphic Design Applications in the Spring can participate, but will be dropped from the program if their final course grades are not C or higher. 

Please refer to the Policy Statement for Admission to the BFA Program in Graphic Design (to the right) for details.

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