• Chemical Ecology BLY 425/525
  • Animal Physiology BLY 436 W/C
  • Island Ecosystems BLY 490/590
  • General Biology I Laboratory BLY 121L, Honors section

Chemical Ecology BLY 425W/525:
Chemical ecology focuses on chemically mediated interactions within and between organisms in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. The topics covered include: chemoreception, chemical defense, chemical attraction, and the impact of chemical ecology on humans. This course incorporates a writing component with students gaining experience in critical analysis, research development, grant writing, and computer based presentation programs.


Animal Physiology BLY 436W/C:
This class takes a comparative approach to animal physiology.   Comparisons of structural and functional relationships in the body systems of invertebrates and vertebrates, including humans, are made.   This course incorporates a writing and a computer component with students gaining experience in critical analysis, research development and analysis, word processing, computer based statistical and graphical analyses, and in computer based presentation programs.



Island Ecosystems BLY 490/590:
This course provides an overview of current conflicts and issues concerning the environment and progressive development in the Caribbean. Studies begin with first hand exploration of island ecology. As the course unfolds, theories and issues are developed for Caribbean conservation while considering management principles, economic limitations, and ecological concerns. Students will develop an understanding of how various ecosystems interact and in their use as resources. Political and economic conditions that drive progress will also be reviewed in an effort to achieve an overall understanding of the issues and constraints conferred with sustainable development in the island ecosystem.

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