Genetics - BLY 302
An introduction to both classical and modern genetic concepts and theory with an emphasis on problem solving. Topics covered include transmission genetics, molecular genetics, and evolutionary genetics. After completing this course, students should have a general understanding of concepts including, but not limited to: Heritability, Mapping, DNA replication, Transcription, Translation, Gene Expression, Quantitative and Population Genetics

Computational Genetics - BLY 490
The sequencing of whole genomes and the analysis of genetic information continues to fundamentally change biological and medical research. Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing have generated massive amounts of largely untapped genetic information. Unfortunately the people best suited to interpret this data (biologically trained researchers) are commonly discouraged by their own perceived computational limitations. As a result, many laboratories now employ full time programmers to complement their research further fueling an unnecessary, and often inhibitory, disconnect between the biology and informatics data. Today an ever growing wealth of online datasets, mining and analysis interfaces, and publicly available software makes informatics no longer restricted to programmers. Utilizing the principle online resources employed by researchers today, this course will provide advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a solid bioinformatic foundation as well as the competency to independently evaluate emerging resources in the future.


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