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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


The courses listed below are common to two or more programs.
EG 101 Introduction to Engineering and Design 2 cr
A course for first time engineering students that assists with maximizing the student's potential to achieve academic success and to adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges presented by college life. Introduction to engineering fundamentals through reading, homework assignments, laboratory investigations, guest lecturers and group discussions on the engineering profession. Pre-requisite: MA 113 or MA.125. Fee.
EG 201 Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving 2 cr
A course for first-time transfer students that helps maximize the student's potential to achieve academic success and to address the transition from community college to four-year college. Introduction to engineering fundamentals and problem solving techniques through reading, homework assignments and laboratory investigations, guest lecturers and group discussions on the engineering profession. Pre-requisite: MA 126. Fee.
EG 220 Electrical Circuits 3 cr
Basic SI units. Resistive (R) networks with independent and dependent sources. Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws. Network theorems superposition, Theverin's and Norton's source transformation. Inductors (L) and capacitors (C) as energy storage elements in RLC circuits. Sinusoids and phasors and their applications in RLC circuits. RMS values of voltages and currents. Average power and power factor in AC circuits. Operational amplifiers and digital system components. Pre-requisites: MA 125, PH 202. Fee.
EG 231 Introduction to Ethics and Engineering Economics 3 cr
Introduction to ethics and use of codes of ethics in developing an ethical profession. Application of engineering economic principles to engineering problems. Pre-requisite: EG 220 or EE 220 or EG 270 or EG 283. Fee.
EG 270 Engineering Thermodynamics 3 cr
First and second law of thermodynamics and applications. Pre-requisites: MA 126, PH 201. Fee.
EG 283 Statics 3 cr
Vector algebra; forces, moments, couples; equilibrium analysis of rigid bodies, beams, trusses, frames, area and mass moments of inertia, and friction. Pre-requisites: MA 126, PH 201. Fee.
EG 284 Dynamics 3 cr
Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies. Work/energy and momentum methods. Pre-requisites: EG 283, MA 126. Fee.
EG 290 Special Topics in Engineering 1-5 cr
Subjects of special interest in engineering. Pre-requisite: Permission of Instructor. Fee.

EG 315

Mechanics of Materials 3 cr
An introduction to the mechanics of deformable bodies. Analysis of stress and strain. Emphasis of axial, torsional and bending loads. Deflections, deformations, and column stability. Pre-requisites: EG 283, MA 227, PH 201. Fee.
EG 360 Fluid Mechanics 3 cr
Study of the properties of fluids including fluid statics, kinematics, integral and differential equations of mass, momentum and energy conservation; dimensional analysis; flows in ducts and boundary layer flows. Pre-requisites: MA 238, EG 284. Fee.
EG 480 Principles of Engineering
Management and Leadership
3 cr
An examination of skills, abilities, personality, attitudes, values, interests and behaviors to increase self-awareness of management and leadership competencies. Students will also, examine the concept of Professional Improvement Process that integrates strategy, human resources and accountability. Fee.
EG 492
Honors Engineering Seminar - H 3 cr
Multidisciplinary engineering topics of contemporary issues and emerging technologies. Topics announced prior to registration. Fee.
EG 501 Professionalism, Research Integrity and
1 cr
Exposes graduate students planning to undertake a thesis or project option to a variety of issues concerning professionalism, research integrity, and inform them of current policies related to research activities and thesis development. Fee.
EG 590 Special Topics in Engineering 1-3 cr
Subjects of special interest in engineering for engineering graduate students. Pre-requisite: Permission of Instructor. Fee.
EG 620 Biomedical Engineering I 3 cr
Fundamental concepts of medical instrumentation, biomedical imaging and biological systems modeling as used in biomedical engineering. Fee.

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