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Career Advising
Career and educational advising are an integral part of the comprehensive services available to USA students. As early as their freshman year, students are encouraged to consult with a Career Advisor to begin formulating educational and career plans. Career Advisors can assist students at any point in their educational development to strengthen their college profiles, enhance their employability skills, understand opportunities available through Career Services, and discuss any career-related concerns.
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Consult with a Career Advisor to:
  • Identify your interests and strengths
  • Understand how your interests match educational majors
  • Select and evaluate educational majors
  • Explore career opportunities related to your educational major
  • Evaluate career choices based on national trends and forecasts
  • Begin developing skills that set you apart
  • Become aware of cooperative education and internship experiences
  • Strategically plan your major, electives, and activities to support your career goals
  • Strengthen your ability to launch a successful job campaign
  • Explore and prepare for graduate and professional school opportunities
  • Strategically develop resumes & cover letters for your career choice
4-year plan
Freshman Year   Sophomore Year
  • Visit the Career Services Center Library to research career fields.
  • Consult a Career Advisor at Career Services.
  • Assess your strengths and career interests through interest inventories.
  • Make a tentative selection of a major field of study.
  • Identify and join campus or community organizations related to your career goals.
  • Get to know faculty, administrators, and counselors.
  • Obtain a summer job or internship related to your field of interest.
  • Consult with your academic advisor for the best advice on course selections.
  • Attend class and maintain good study habits. It pays off in the workplace.
  • Make a firm decision about your major.
  • Research specialized areas of
    employment in your chosen field.
  • Research key corporations, businesses, and organizations through informational interviews and references in the Career Services Library.
  • Participate in Career Expos and
  • Continue developing associations with faculty, administrators, and career counselors.
  • Continue participation in campus and community organizations.
  • Maintain regular contact with your
    academic advisor.
  • Register with Career Services in the Parallel or Alternating Co-op Program.
Junior Year   Senior Year
  • Register with Career Services in the Parallel or Alternating Co-op Program if you have not already done so.
  • Obtain a career-related internship or co-op position related to your major. These help develop skills and confidence.
  • Participate in Career Expositions and Conferences.
  • Accept leadership roles in student, professional, or trade associations.
  • Continue developing associations with administrators, faculty, and career advisors.
  • Explore graduate or professional schools.
  • Develop a personal network of contacts in your field.
  • Register with Career Services in the Career Employment Assistance Program.
  • Enroll in CP 450, The Job Campaign
  • Plan your job search campaign or graduate school selection process.
  • Target and research corporations, businesses, and organizations using materials in the Career Library.
  • Participate in on-campus interviewing and the resume referral process.
  • Interview with prospective employers identified through personal networking, professional journals, and job listings.
  • Select and contact faculty, administrators, and past employers to use as references.
  • Participate in Career Expositions.

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