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Dept. of Cardiorespiratory Care
Open House

Friday, Nov. 2, 2018
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
(lunch provided)
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Friday, November 9 at
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Please call 445-9284 to schedule 1 hour for any time above.

Demonstrations and discussions concerning clinical and diagnostic procedures:
Arterial blood gas puncture
Mechanical ventilation
Pulmonary function testing
Endotracheal intubation and extubation
Bronchial hygiene therapy
Medicated aerosol therapy
Electrocardiography (ECG)
Hyperinflation therapy

RSVP: Email or Call 445-9284


Welcome to the website of the Department of Cardiorespiratory Care at the University of South Alabama. Whether you are a student enrolled at the University of South Alabama, or someone who would like more information about the Cardiorespiratory Care Program or the profession of respiratory therapy, thank you for logging on to our web site. We would like you to receive the information you are seeking. Our web site contains much information. However, if you have questions that remain unanswered, or would prefer to speak with a faculty or staff member personally, please contact us. You may also send us an e-mail if you like.

Our Department is proud of its 32-year tradition teaching respiratory therapy and cardiovascular technology. Our students receive didactic, laboratory and clinical education in every facet of respiratory therapy. The areas taught in cardiovascular technology are cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, and electrocardiography.

Our graduates are highly sought and recruited by employers because our graduates possess in-depth knowledge and fine-tuned clinical skills. Hospitals from across the country call to inquire about our multi-skilled and multi-competent graduates.

The faculty provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you achieve your academic and career goals. They also provide a friendly, personal, and encouraging atmosphere where you can learn how to care for patients who suffer from pulmonary and cardiac diseases.



The mission of the Department of Cardiorespiratory Care is to ensure the success of its graduates. The Department prepares students to attain the necessary cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills to be registered respiratory therapists. As a complement to its focus on student success, the Department strives to become an active community and industry partner. These collaborations provide experiential learning opportunities for students, ensure the relevancy of the curriculum, and improve the quality of healthcare through participation in clinical practice and research.


Program Goals

The competency goal of this program is to prepare students as entry-level respiratory therapists by providing them with the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills pertinent to that role. An additional goal is to prepare leaders for the field of respiratory care by including curricular content in management, education, and research.



  • Upon completion of this education program, the student will comprehend information relevant to the role of an advanced respiratory therapist.
  • Upon completion of this education program, the student will demonstrate the technical skills relevant to the role of an advanced respiratory therapist.
  • Upon completion of this education program, the student will have the affective attributes for an advanced respiratory therapist.