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Samuel Baker

Dr. Samuel Baker 
Assistant Professor

Areas: Ancient Philosophy, Ethics 

Representative Publications

“The Concept of Ergon: Towards an Achievement Interpretation of Aristotle’s ‘Function’ Argument,” Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 48 (2015), 228-266 

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Dr. Allan Hillman
Associate Professor

Areas: Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Leibniz

Representative Publications

“Faulkner the Stoic: Honor and the Snopeses in The Snopes Trilogy,” Philosophy & Literature, [Forthcoming].

“Leibniz and Luther on the Non-Cognitive Component of Faith,” Sophia 52 (2): June 2013, pp. 219-234.

“Leibniz on the Imago Dei” in Oxford Studies in Early Modern PhilosophyVolume V (eds.) Daniel Garber & Steven Nadler (Oxford University Press, 2010), pp. 171-213.

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Dr. Eric J. Loomis
Associate Dean

Areas: Early Analytic Philosophy, Metaphysics, Classical Indian Philosophy

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Dr. Kevin M. Meeker
Professor and Interim Chair 

Areas: Epistemology, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Representative Publications

Hume's Radical Skepticism and the Fate of Naturalized Epistemology. Palsgrave Macmillan, 2013.

“Was Hume a Proper Functionalist?”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 72, 1 (2006): 120-136

“Justification and the Social Nature of Knowledge”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 69, 1 (2004): 156-172

Dr. Meeker's CV

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Dr. Ted L. Poston

Areas: Epistemology, Philosophy Science, Logic

Representative Publications

"Know-how to transmit knowledge?" Nous (forthcoming).

Reason and Explanation. Palsgrave Macmillan, 2014.

“Know-how to be Gettiered?” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 79:3, 743-747 

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Department Secretary
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Dr. John C. Coker (deceased)
Retired Associate Professor 

Areas: Ancient Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Legal Theory

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Dr. Harold W. Baldwin (retired)
Associate Professor

Areas: Logic, Metaphysics

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Dr. Susan Youngblood (retired)
Assistant Professor

Areas: Continental Philosophy, Ethics