Faculty and Staff

Person Area of Interest Categories Index
Brown, Charles Perception, Comparative, Communication Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty  B
Currier, Joseph

Trauma, Grief and Bereavement, Military Veterans, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Psychotherapy

Clinical, Faculty  C
Foster, Joshua Personality and Individual Differences, Personality Assessment, Latent Variable Analysis Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty  F
Hill, Benjamin  Clinical Neuropsychology, Intra-Individual Variability, Cognitive Disorders Clinical, Faculty   H
Isen, Joshua Behavioral Genetics, Adolescence, Externalizing Problems Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty I

Labbe'-Coldsmith, Elise


Clinical Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, Health & Sports Psychology, Psychology of Spirituality and Religion Clinical, Faculty  
Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Jennifer Juvenile & Family Violence, Relationships, Clinical Psychology Clinical, Faculty   L
Mehari, Krista Youth Violence Prevention, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Promoting Resilience Clinical, Faculty M
Milliner, Wanda Secretary - CCP Program Administration M
Nash, Lisa Psychology Department Head Secretary  Administration N
Powell, Laura Distance Education, Teaching of Psychology Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty   P
Rohling, Martin Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology Clinical, Faculty   R
Shelley-Tremblay, Jack Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychophysiology Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty  S
Smith, Phillip Suicide, Interpersonal Theory of Suicide, Depression, & Trauma Clinical, Faculty  S
Turner, Lisa Developmental, Juvenile & Family Violence Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty  T
Vickers, Arlene Secretary - Psychology Clinic Administration V
Yates, Mark Cognitive Psychology, Language Processing Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Faculty  Y
Zlomke, Kim Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology Clinical, Faculty Z