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Review of Transfer Credit

Once you apply for admission to the University, an official transfer credit evaluation is done by the Admissions Office. You may check which courses were accepted for transfer on the PAWS system.

For more details about transferring to USA, please visit the Transfer Students page provided by the Office of Admissions.

If you are a potential student, an unofficial review can be completed during a scheduled appointment with an advisor.

Scheduling Classes and Graduation Mapping

We will assist with scheduling classes each semester and mapping a degree plan from start to finish for current and prospective students. Several factors need to be considered, such as semester offerings, major progression plan, prerequisites, graduation goal, and the course load you can handle and still be successful.

Get the facts about PAWS registration by attending the orientation for new students and by meeting with your academic advisor. Also, check the Registrar web site for details.

Preparation for Admission to Candidacy

All undergraduate programs in the College of Education and Professional Studies require admission to Candidacy before registration is permitted for the final courses in the program. The courses, GPAs, and tests required for admission vary depending on the program. We recommend you meet with your advisor each semester to ensure you are on track to enter Candidacy as scheduled. Select the Admission to Candidacy option on the left side menu to see additional information.

Drop/Add and Withdrawals

Each semester there is a deadline to drop or withdraw from a class. We encourage you to meet with your instructor and with your advisor before you decide to drop a class. It may be that dropping delays your chances of graduating on time or you may not be in as bad of shape as you think. The grade of "F*" or "U*" is recorded for a course abandoned without an official drop.

Students may add, change to audit, or drop classes on the PAWS system on the second and third day of classes without academic penalty. After the third day of classes, you may still drop a course on the PAWS system, except for the last course in which you are enrolled.

Complete withdrawal from the University involves withdrawing from all courses (even if you are enrolled in only one course). Forms for a complete withdrawal are obtained in the Advising Center and you must meet with your advisor. Signatures from several offices on campus are required to process a complete withdrawal.

Academic Bankruptcy

If you have run into academic problems, we can discuss with you the option of declaring academic bankruptcy. If you are working on your first bachelor's degree, have been out of school for at least one calendar year, and are ready to readmit, you might consider taking this step. This is an opportunity to start over with a fresh GPA.

Any courses that you have passed at USA will not count toward your degree requirements, but will remain on your academic transcript. Transfer courses will still count toward your degree and are not affected by declaring academic bankruptcy.

Be aware, however, that the bankrupted courses still count in the determination of your cumulative GPA when applying to professional or graduate schools.

This decision is a one-time chance to begin again, but once you declare bankruptcy, you cannot change your mind. That’s why you must meet with your advisor to discuss the implications of this decision.

Transient Approval

Check with your advisor about taking a course or courses at another college or university. Generally, courses in the major area of concentration cannot be taken elsewhere.

The transient approval form can be obtained in the Advising Center. An approved form will indicate that you are a student in good standing at USA, and it will list the course(s) you plan to take at the other institution and the equivalent course(s) here. The form will be sent to the other school, with a copy sent to you and to the Registrar at USA.

After completing the course(s) at the other school, it is your responsibility to have the official transcript sent from the other school to the Office of the Registrar at USA.

Course Substitutions

A student seeking a possible course substitution for a required degree program course must submit a description of the transferred course in question to their academic advisor. This description can come from a syllabus preferably, or a course description from the college’s catalog. The substituted course must meet the same standards (knowledge, abilities, or competencies) as the required course.

Course Modification

A student seeking a possible course modification must first submit a description of the transferred course in question to their academic advisor. This description can come from a syllabus preferably, or a course description from the college’s catalog. In some instances it may be necessary to have the course syllabus to determine course equivalency before a decision can be made.

If the course in question is taught in another USA college, then the student will be asked to hand carry the paperwork to the dean of that college for required signatures.

Change of Major

If you are unsure about your current major, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss your current path and potential options. A change of major to a different program within the College of Education and Professional Studies can be done in our Office of Student Services in the UCOM. To change to a major in a different college, you will need to visit that specific department and request to change to one their majors.


The University of South Alabama offers a variety of services to assist you in achieving your academic goals. Your advisor can refer you to a number of services that you may not know are available.

Some of these include JagSuccess, Counseling and Testing Services, Career Services, Student Disability Services, MathStat Tutoring Lab, Student Health Center, and the Writing Center.