Graduate Health Non-Teaching Program

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Graduate Health Non-Teaching

The Master of Science Degree in Health (Non-Teacher Certification) prepares students to work in a variety of health care and human service settings. The 30-semester hour Master of Science Degree Program with an emphasis in Health is designed to help non-teacher education students increase their knowledge and develop the skills necessary for advancement in community health professions. To accomplish this objective, the student collaborates with their academic advisor to design their program of study relevant to their educational and career goals.


Program of Study

An important goal of the program is to develop students who will be qualified for leadership positions in health professions in the public and private sector that effectively achieve the outcome of improved health. The program emphasizes the identification of health related needs, promotion of healthy communities, and the development of health strategies, activities, and services. The curriculum includes an internship experience in a clinical setting. Potential internships include county health departments, hospital settings, wellness facilities, and other health related settings.


Who Should Apply

If you already possess a Bachelor of Science degree in any field and are interested in health and wellness, you would enjoy pursuing the Health Non-Teaching Master degree.



The Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Classrooms and Computer Lab are equipped with Smart Board® technology, projectors, and PCs with internet access. Other facilities include a weight-room, two gymnasiums, dance and martial arts studios, and instructional and research laboratories.