ATTN: Veterans

ATTN: Veterans

Paul Kasper

Barbie McCampbell

Hilda Pou-Gonzalez

Kevin Reese

Dr. Moody

We welcome the chance to introduce you to our innovative Online Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Our team of advisors have the situational awareness to guide you in building a cohesive degree plan built on various courses from different academic areas. We provide the personal attention you need for academic success.

We can show you how to achieve your most knowledgeable and quickest path to graduation:
     No restrictions
     No prerequisites
     More flexibility
     Maximization of credits

Together we can design a unique plan tailored to meet your educational & career goals. Advisors will assist you to:
     Implement your Educational Plans
     Inspect Career Choices
     Strategize Employment Opportunities


—Dr. Joycelyn Finley

Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator