Honors Faculty Advisory Council

graduating seniors 2014

The USA Honors Faculty Advisory Council advises the Director of the University Honors Program, in order to support the mission of the program and its students.

- The Members of the Council for the 2015-2016 Academic Year -

Michael V. Doran, Director of Honors/CIS

Doug Marshall, Asst Director of Honors/SOC

Sally Steadman, Scholarship Coordinator/STEM/ENGR

Marsha Hamilton, Scholarship Coordinator/FA/HUM/SS/HY

Doug Haywick, HPO Faculty Advisor/GEO/ES<

Isabel Brown, Foreign Language

Saami Yazdani, Engineering

Ellen Buckner, Nursing

David Forbes, CHEM

Jason Guynes, Visual Arts

Annmarie Guzy, English

Kelly Major, Biology

Ron Nelson, PSC/CJ/PreLaw

Ed Shaw, EDUC

Cindy Stanfield, BMD/PreHealth advising

David Turnipseed, MCOB

Kelley Woodford, MCOB/ Faculty Senate Representative