MCOB Strategic Plan

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"To be the business school of choice in the Gulf Coast region."


The University of South Alabama with a global reach and special focus on the Gulf Coast, strives to make a difference in the lives of those it serves through promoting discovery, health, and learning (Revised June 3, 2013)


To contribute to the continuing intellectual, social, and economic development of the Gulf Coast Region by offering accredited business education programs to qualified students, by producing scholarly research to expand knowledge and support economic development and by providing service programs focused on regional needs. We
accomplish this mission and contribute to the continuing success of the University through excellence in instruction, faculty scholarship, and the delivery of external service programs. (Revised December 2013)


I. Instruction: The academic success of our students is a major priority of the college with emphasis on excellent teaching

II. Faculty Scholarship: The College encourages and supports basic and applied scholarship as well as instructional development for the purposes of expanding knowledge, enhancing instruction, and contributing to regional economic development

III. Service: The College engages in external activities that support and contribute to the development of the University, community, and region and to provide for continuing development of the faculty and staff through interaction with the College’s numerous constituents

GOAL 1: To maintain the highest level of business accreditation


1.1 To annually assess and maintain MCOB compliance with AACSB accreditation standards


1. Support faculty academic presentations beyond those supported by the University Faculty Development Fund
2. Support maintenance of professional qualifications by funding attendance and participation in professional meetings, workshops, or continuing education programs
3. To continue to revise processes, procedures, and the curriculum to meet 2013 AACSB standards
4. To begin preparation for the 2017-18 Maintenance of Accreditation review

1.2 To have MCOB annual participation in AACSB International meetings, seminars, and workshops to provide current information regarding accreditation standards and academic program development


a. The Dean will serve on AACSB peer review teams as assigned
b. The Associate Dean will serve on AACSB committees as assigned
c. Attend ICAM, the Dean’s Conference, the Associate Dean’s Conference, and appropriate seminars and workshops

GOAL 2: To increase MCOB total enrollment by an average of 60 students per year for the next ten years

University Long-term Strategic Objective: To reach an enrollment level of 20,000 students within ten years in a fiscally responsible manner while strengthening high academic standards


a. Develop an additional ten externally funded scholarships per year
b. Increase the percentage of students with high academic qualifications
c. Place added emphasis on the growth and development of graduate programs
d. Increase College branding and promotional activities tied to University marketing and promotion initiatives

GOAL 3: To focus college academic programs, processes, and services on the success of our students

University Goal: Maintain and enhance an innovative and vibrant educational environment that supports teaching and promotes learning

University Objective: Develop and maintain high-quality online and blended courses and programs to accommodate wide-ranging learning needs and experiences


3.1 To develop the optimal mix of online, hybrid, and traditional delivery of academic programs to best serve the needs of our students

3.2 To continuously assess the need for new undergraduate and/or graduate programs to support the requirements of a dynamic economy

3.3 To encourage, support, and maintain classroom and electronic instruction of continuing high quality.


a. Place major emphasis on quality classroom instruction for all full time and adjunct faculty
b. Recognize outstanding teachers on an annual basis
c. Ensure that instruction is a major element for all faculty in the annual faculty performance evaluation process
d. Support internal and external workshops and seminars focused on improving and developing teaching
e. Support supplemental instructional activities
f. Support the use of technology to enhance classroom and electronic instruction

3.4 To produce the first graduates of the DBA program in May 2016.

3.5 To increase the percentage of high academically qualified students in the undergraduate program

3.6 To provide student support services of continuing high quality


a. Enhance the University career services program within MCOB
b. Provide additional advising information through the Introduction to Business Course and online materials
c. Increase recognition of student achievement

3.7 To supplement students’ learning opportunities through business community interaction and research


a. Continue to develop additional internships in all departments
b Support MCOB student participation in the University undergraduate research program

GOAL 4: To meet the learning outcomes objectives of the undergraduate and graduate programs through the continuous assessment and revision of the business curriculum

University objective: Improve student learning outcomes

University objective: Increase the incorporation of a global perspective into the education environment

4.1 Undergraduate Learning Outcome Objectives:

4.1.1 To create a sound understanding of the functional business disciplines and their interrelationships

4.1.2 To develop and understanding of the technological, political, legal, socio-cultural, economic, and global environments in which business organizations operate

4.1.3 To develop analytical skills for effective problem solving and decision making

4.1.4 To increase proficiency in applying current technology in business operations

4.1.5 To gain expertise in a specific business discipline

4.1.6 To strengthen communication and teamwork skills


4.2 MBA Learning Outcome Objectives:

4.2.1 To achieve a managerial perspective of the ethical and legal responsibilities in organizations and society

4.2.1 To develop an understanding of the functional business disciplines and their interrelationships in order to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances

4.2.2 To develop analytical skills and technical proficiency that will provide the capacity to adapt and innovate to solve problems, to cope with unforeseen events, to manage in unpredictable environments

4.2.4 To develop an understanding of group and individual dynamics in organizations

4.3 Master of Accounting Learning Outcome Objectives:

4.3.1 To demonstrate the application of knowledge through a conceptual understanding of accounting

4.3.2 To demonstrate the ability to adapt and innovate to solve problems

4.3.3 To develop the capacity to critically analyze and question knowledge claims in accounting

4.3.4 To continuously assess and revise the curriculum to provide the discipline knowledge, global perspective, ethical dimension, and technological skills required in today’s business environment


a. Conduct periodic assessments of all academic programs through one or more of the following:

Departmental Assessment
College Outcomes Assessment Committee
Professional Examinations
Peer Review

b. Review the core undergraduate curriculum through the College Curriculum Committee

4.4 DBA Learning Outcome Objectives:

4.4.1 To demonstrate deep knowledge of the scholarly literature in the area of specialization

4.4.2 To develop advanced research skills for the area of specialization leading to an original substantive research project

4,4.3 To develop an understanding of managerial and organizational contexts for the area of specialization

4.4.5 To prepare students for teaching responsibilities in higher education

GOAL 5: To recruit, retain, and develop outstanding, dedicated, and diverse faculty, staff, and administrators

University Objective: Recruit, recognize, develop, and retain high quality faculty


5.1 To hire faculty the will continuously meet the AACSB faculty qualification standard.

5.2 To increase efforts in each department to identify and hire qualified minority candidates for tenure track positions

5.3 To provide additional faculty and staff professional development opportunities

5.4 To provide up-to-date technology and required data bases


Maintain CRISP, Compustat, and required Real Estate Data Bases

5.5 To complete the endowment of two planned faculty positions


a. Identify donor for the real estate position
b. Identify donors for the supply chain management position

5.6 To hire two senior faculty to support the DBA program

5.7 Develop additional endowment funds to allow MCOB to be nationally competitive in recruiting the senior faculty required for quality graduate programs

GOAL 6: To continuously develop external resources to support academic programs, research, faculty development, student services, and instructional resources

University Objective: Continue to expand and strengthen the University’s fund-raising programs


6.1 To develop a MCOB Alumni Annual Fund

6.2 To increase funding for scholarships

6.3 To develop a student managed investment fund (approved and planned for 2014

6.4 To develop additional business scholarships through the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship program

GOAL 7: To meet community service needs and contribute to the economic development of the region


7.1 To contribute to the continuing education of working professionals and to
contribute to the economic development of the region

a. Provide the most accurate, specific real estate data base for the
Mobile-Baldwin County area through the Center for Real Estate Studies
b. Provide economic impact studies, projections, and analysis
for the region through the Center for Business and Economic
c. Support Small Business Development through the education and
counseling programs of the Small Business Development Center
d. Provide continuing professional development opportunities
e. Continue MCOB academic support for the Alabama Banking School
f. Support the efforts of the University Research and Technology Park


Goal 8: To brand the Mitchell College of Business as the college of
choice for students seeking business programs of continuing
high quality


1. Develop a contract with an advertising/PF firm to develop
a comprehensive branding strategy
2. Produce new written promotional materials that reflect the
branding strategy
3. Revise the MCOB website to reflect the new branding

GOAL 9: To increase the scope and quantity of research activities to support
the doctoral and masters programs offered by the college.

University Goal: Advance the research, discovery and creative activities of the


9.1 To have all faculty teaching in graduate programs meet the AACSB “Scholarly
Academic”qualification on a continuing basis

9.2 To produce refereed publications in quality journals related to a business

9.3 To produce applied research directly related to the economic development of our
service region.

a. Continue to support the economic data bases to produced research publications in all business disciplines
b. Continue to provide funding for presentations at academic conferences
c. Fund participation in professional development workshops and seminars that
increase research skills.
d. Provide additional reassigned time for faculty serving on doctoral research committees