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"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation." - Milan Kundera

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In addition to providing a solid foundation in key areas of business, all programs in the department provide the student with a strong background in the practices and theories that are the foundation of contemporary marketing in the global competitive marketplace. In addition to the regular classes, students also have the opportunity to enroll in Internship, Directed Study, and Special Topic courses.

Major: Marketing

Marketing: Three Required Courses

MKT 336 International Marketing 
MKT 374 Buyer Behavior 
MKT 384 Marketing Research 
MKT 479 Marketing Policy (W)

MARKETING MANAGEMENT Concentration – Five Required Courses 

The marketing management concentration prepares students for entry-level positions in sales and sales management, retailing, advertising, marketing management and marketing research.

MKT 375 Supply Chain Management 
MKT 380 Integrated Marketing Communication 
MKT 382 Brand Management 
MKT 385 Services Marketing 
Choose one course from the following: MKT 350, 376, 379, 381

MARKETING – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Concentration* – Five Required Courses

The marketing-international business concentration prepares students for positions with import-export firms, international departments of domestic firms and firms based throughout the world.

MKT 310 Introduction to International Business 
ECO 330 Current Global Economic Issues 
MGT 334 International Management 
MKT 477 Export–Import Management 
Choose one course from the following: ECO 363, MKT 350, 375, 376 

It is recommended that marketing-international business students take the following courses as their non-business electives:

  • IS 100 Global Issues
  • GEO 114 Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEO 312 World Economic Geography

Proficiency in a Second Language:
Marketing-international business students are required to demonstrate introductory-level proficiency in a second language. Students can either pass a foreign language proficiency examination (administered by the University of South Alabama Department of Foreign Languages and Literature) or complete the second semester of any approved elementary sequence in a foreign language.

MARKETING – REAL ESTATE Concentration – Five Required Courses

The marketing real estate concentration provides great opportunities.

  • Real estate accounts for nearly half of the privately owned wealth in the United States.
  • It serves as collateral for home mortgages and other financial assets.
  • Every business either owns or rents.
  • It is frequently the largest part of the retirement assets for a typical family.
  • Private investors want the knowledge for their own accounts.
  • Professional trade groups in real estate require education as a prerequisite to full membership.
  • All states require education prior to the application for a state real estate license to perform certain duties.

An undergraduate concentration in real estate is excellent preparation for a number of positions:

  • Appraisal - Appraisers are needed to provide a professional estimate of value. These services are used by banks, state and federal government agencies, and private individuals.
  • Brokerage - Real estate brokers serve as employees of or agents of clients. An agent may be employed by a buyer to locate a property, by a seller to locate a buyer or by an owner to find tenants for a building.
  • Government - A number of government agencies employ real estate specialists to assist with condemnation, foreclosures, community development, housing and taxation.

MARKETING – REAL ESTATE Concentration – Five Required Courses

MKT 345 Real Estate 
MKT 348 Real Estate Valuation 
MKT 445 Real Estate Finance and Investments 
MKT 448 Real Estate Law 
Choose one course from the following: FIN 343, FIN 345, FIN 420, MGT 345.