Jennifer Edwards
Instructor of Management
Director of External Projects

Ms. Jennifer Edwards is the director of external projects for the Melton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation where she participates in fostering entrepreneurial interests and providing USA students with engagement opportunities in the community. She is the director over the Build- a- Bridge high school entrepreneurship program. The high school program teaches students the importance of business processes, product development and implementation.   

She also aids in advising and implementing new entrepreneurial programs within the university and community. She is an instructor practitioner in the Mitchell College of Business teaching entrepreneurship and management.

Jennifer is a council member for small business development and the gulf coast technology council for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. She is the consulting founder of BananaWave® and participated in starting the first equity crowdfunding campaign in the state of Alabama.

She was the director of the Mobile, Alabama SCORE chapter from 2011-2014 and the interim director of BNI in 2014. She participated in creating the digital media industry in New Orleans, Louisiana at GNO, Inc. in 2009.

She has a MS in Science and Technology/ Economic and Workforce Development from the University of Southern Mississippi and a bachelors in Arts in English from William Carey University.

Her entrepreneurial interests and experiences are primarily focused on product development, but has been advising and consulting an array of businesses since 2009.