Prospective Students

A degree in interdisciplinary studies is an incredible way to educate yourself in a wide variety of professions. Through a coordinated collection of specific courses, you’ll learn how to enhance your ability to work with specialists in certain industries. To put it simply, the interdisciplinary approach allows you to become skilled in multiple fields, so you can pursue a career that helps coordinate individuals who only specialize in one or two disciplines.

Master of Many Trades

One of the primary strengths of an interdisciplinary studies graduate is their ability to create cohesive results from the work of many individuals. With the capability to integrate and combine the skills of a team, through specific knowledge of each member’s unique field, they can create stronger, more coordinated efforts in a far more efficiently than traditionally possible. By building a foundation in a variety of academic curriculums, then honing in on three to four distinct focuses that will create a unique, customized degree that fits your lifestyle and career goals. 

Define Your Own Boundaries

Combine your education with your previous work and life experiences. Take free electives and explore different possibilities, opening yourself up to a world of opportunity. Then, discover not only what you enjoy, but also the areas in which you could see yourself excelling, and perfect these skills with practical applications. 

All of these steps come together to form an excellent interdisciplinary studies degree, one that can launch you through into an exciting career in a field that suits you. You could explore a job in management, like our Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree, which is a part of a massively growing industry. The possibilities are limitless, so apply today to get started.