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USA Loves Foley High School!!


Foley High School students, led by instructors Ms. Michelle Leverette and Ms. Amy Smith, visited USA’s campus on October 21st to learn more about USA’s hospitality and tourism management program. Students visited the USA Marx Library, toured the USA Recreation Center and dined at USA Fresh Foods Company. USA was represented by the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs Dean Millner, Associate Dean Manders, Admissions Director Christopher Lynch, Associate Director of New Student Recruitment and members of USA’s Admissions team. 



Latest News

Latest News

New Courses


HTM 215 Ecotourism

Course Description:
Examine the interaction of ecotourism with social, natural and
cultural environments as well as the impacts of ecotourism on the
environment and global societies.

HTM 315 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide a broad overview of essential
marketing, promotion, and sales principles currently applied in
the tourism and hospitality industries. It provides an introduction
to marketing theories, principles, and concepts, and an
exploration of the role of marketing within a globalized hospitality
organization. Students will identify marketing strategies,
differentiate services marketing, explain the role of customer
expectation, analyze market segments, evaluate target
marketing, and demonstrate the ability to effectively
communicate using audio visual materials. The focus is on
achieving a competitive advantage in a global market. Students
will also examine the trends, issues and problems influencing
tourism and hospitality marketing in a dynamic intercultural


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School of Continuing Education and Special Programs 
Annual Report


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arrowsFaculty Spotlight

Leslie Whiston                                   

The School’s faculty are involved in ground-breaking research and are committed to working closely with undergraduate students to help improve their academic success. An excellent example of an innovative educator is Ms. Leslie E. Whiston.

Ms. Whiston is Interim Co-Chair of Developmental Studies and Instructor of Mathematics in the Department of Developmental Studies. She has a Master of Education in Educational Administration from the University of South Alabama, a Master in Teaching of Mathematics Coursework from Immaculata College in Immaculata, Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition, she received certifications in Educational Administration, Highly Qualified Designation in Mathematics, and Secondary Mathematics in the State of Alabama.

She has presented regularly at the Annual National Association of Developmental Education Conference about new strategies she and her colleagues are implementing in Developmental Studies. The revised courses have resulted in improved student success rates.

She is also a voracious learner. She has attended 12 professional development workshops in the last year for the purpose of improving her skills and increasing student learning.

Her expertise has drawn the attention of ACT, Inc. Ms. Whiston served as a consultant for ACT, Inc. in 2012 and served on the ACT Panel Review Board for mathematics tryout units in collaboration with other consultants and ACT test developers.