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This Page is Dedicated to Resolving Problems on the South Alabama Campus.

Image of a broken hand rail on the entrance of Honors HallComrades Of Courage is very aware many of the buildings at South Alabama were built in the early sixties when ADA was not even a law on the books yet. Therefore, physical barriers for the disabled were not really a consideration for the original architects of the University, consequently, many buildings such as the Instructional Lab Building (ILB), Humanities, and Chemistry buildings as well as many others on the campus are not built with the disabled in mind.
Spring forward to 2007 where there are many laws such as ADA and Title III which require public buildings to be upgraded to allow equal access for people with disabilities. In the case of USA which receives both federal and state moneys it is under further pressure to upgrade its aging facilities. Today South Alabama still has some buildings which are in dire need of upgrading in order to be in compliance with these new laws.
Complicating the upgrade process is the rapid expansion of USA’s holdings of hospitals, land, and campuses. This rapid expansion has left the University with growing pains, funding issues, and an often-times, a resentful student body.
Growth is good, but we cannot forget the University's older infrastructure that is still in heavy use today. We strongly believe changes are necessary for the safety and well-being of all current students, staff, and administration of South Alabama. There is a master plan and construction standards on the books which call for the replacement of some of the aging infrastructure, but these are future plans and do not help the student of today spending their hard earned money to attend South Alabama.  
As mentioned above, future plans do not help the current student, and therefore, we strongly believe the older buildings must be repaired or replaced today in order to accommodate our disabled students and staff at South Alabama.
To Comrades Of Courage is actively working with South Alabama administration concerning barriers on the campus. Some of these barriers have been rapidly resolved, yet many still remain. This page showcases a few of the problems at South Alabama that our members have reported.
Contact Us with your comments, or any problems you may have seen or are aware of on the USA campus.

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