Handshake for Students

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Welcome to Handshake

Handshake is our cutting edge modern platform and the university's primary career management system. The platform changes to your needs, pushing out customized information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests, experiences and major.  

Get Started with Handshake

▼   How do I access Handshake?
  1. Go to https://southalabama.joinhandshake.com and enter your university issued email address. 

  2. Current or returning students have been preloaded into Handshake (alumni, go to step 3). Enter your university issued email address in the box below 'Please Sign In' and an automatic email will be sent from Handshake for a 'Password Reset Request'.  Click on the link in the email and then type in your new password for your Handshake account.

  3. If you are an alumni select 'Sign up for an Account', 'Student/Alumni', 'Register a New Account' and then input the required information.  An email will be sent to you when your account has been approved.

    For help getting started, visit Handshake's Support.
▼   How do I complete my profile?

You’ll need to decide whether to make your profile public or private.

  • A public profile, and most information in the profile, can be seen by any employer on Handshake. (Note: There are some Handshake profile components, like GPA, that have their own privacy settings. So you can make your profile public, but your GPA private, for example). Your profile can’t be seen by other students or by Career Services Centers at other schools.
  • If you make your profile private, it can only be seen by you and University of South Alabama Handshake Administrators.
  • You can switch your privacy status at any time, from private to public or from public to private.

When completing your profile remember the following:

  • You can complete the profile sections individually or upload your resume.  Should you upload a resume, you can choose to pull information directly from your resume document into your system profile, including: work experience, extra-curricular activities, and skills.  Be sure to check the details to make sure everything is correctly listed in your profile. 
  • Include your expected graduation month and year since employers may screen on this criteria.
  • Importantly, most employers search for candidates based on skill sets, so be sure to add a thorough list of your skills to your profile.
  • When adding a profile photo make sure you are professionally dressed and alone in the photograph.

For help getting started, visit Handshake's Support.

▼   Before Uploading your Resume

IMPORTANT: We highly encourage you to update your resume prior to uploading to Handshake to ensure you have a quality document that is competitive for employment purposes. For information on perfecting your resume, view our Resume Resources page. To request a resume critique contact our office at (251) 460-6188 or careerservices@southalabama.edu

▼   How do I upload my resume?
  1. Select 'Documents' in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Click the 'Add New Document' in the upper right corner.

  3. Complete the 'Document name' field and then select if the uploaded document will be a resume, cover letter, transcript or other document.

  4. Files should be in a .pdf, .doc, or .docx format.

    Note: the preferred format is .pdf. Handshake will automatically attempt to convert any .doc or .docx format into a .pdf.  You will need to review and approve the converted .pdf version of your document prior to using it to apply for jobs.

  5. Check the 'Public' checkbox if you would like your document to be viewed by employers.  If you want to keep the document part of your private document library, or if you're uploading it for use in a particular job application, the checkbox should remain unmarked.

  6. Select 'Create Document' when the form is complete.

    View Handshakes' video on How do I upload a document? If you need assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center.

  7. Your resume will remain in pending status for review by a Career Services staff, prior to being able to apply for positions.  If you have your document public, it will remain viewable to employers.

  8. Please note: Typically, resumes are reviewed in the order they are received. Currently, there is a large influx of resumes for review. Therefore, if you have an upcoming deadline for a job or On-Campus Interview please contact Career Services by email careerservices@southalabama.edu or call (251) 460-6188 to let us know you need your resume reviewed.
▼   How do I search for job and internship opportunities?
  1. Click on 'Jobs and Internships' in the left side navigation bar.

  2. From here, there are various options available to view jobs and narrow your search.  

    TIP: Start your search broadly and check the results. Then, if necessary, begin to narrow your search one step at a time.

    Keyword: To search for jobs using keywords, use the 'Filter' search box and enter a few keywords and click search.

    Filters: You may also filter your search using the terms on the left side of the screen (e.g. job type, employment type, employer industry, etc.).

    Location: If you are looking for a job/internship in a specific city, you can enter the city in the 'Location' search box.

    View Handshake's article on How do I search for jobs and internships?  If you need assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center.

  3. To save a custom search, simply select your filter options and perform your search.  Click on 'Save these filters,' enter the name and description of your search and select 'Save'.  It will now appear under 'My Saved Filters'. To view jobs based on one of your saved lists, click on that list from 'My Saved Filters.'  For more information about saved searches read Handshake's article How do I save a search? If you need assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center.

Be aware of fraudulent job activity!  To avoid this from happening to you read the following.

▼   How do I apply for a job/internship?
  1.  Click on 'Jobs and Internships' in the left hand navigation bar.

  2. Search for the job that you are interested in applying for and select 'View Details'.  Review the details and qualifications for the job to make sure it is a good fit.

    Tip: You can take notes at the bottom of the page if you would like to come back to this job at a later date.

  3. If you are ready to apply click 'Apply Now' located at the right side of the screen.

  4. Select the documents you would like to upload from your document library or upload documents directly from your computer.

  5. Click the green 'Apply' button when you are ready to submit your application.  If this job has additional application instructions you will see a message with directions that you will need to follow to complete this application.  Click any links here to be directed to external applications.

  6. You will see that your application has been submitted.

    View Handshake's article on How do I apply for a job? or their video on How to apply for a job? If you need assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center.

Need Additional Assistance?

Handshake representatives are responsive and eager to troubleshoot for you! You can reach out by selecting the Help link in the blue navigation bar at the top of your Handshake screen. You can also contact our office at (251) 460-6188 or careerservices@southalabama.edu.

Please note: Handshake is best viewed with completely updated web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari).