Where to go for help

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Substance Abuse Treatment Resources


On Campus Resources

 Counseling and Testing Services                                 

Substance Abuse Program                                          

326 Alpha Hall East                                                    



Psychological Clinic

University Commons, Suite 2000



Student Health Center

650 Clinic Drive, Suite 1200



Local Community Resources

 AltaPointe Substance Abuse Services                         

4211 Government Street                                             

Mobile, AL 36693                                                      

(251) 450-2211                                                             

(Services in Mobile and Baldwin Counties)    


Dauphin Way Lodge

1009 Dauphin Street

Mobile, AL 36604

(251) 438-4729                                      


Bradford Health Services                                            

1000 Hillcrest Road, Suite 304                                               
Mobile, AL 36695                                                      

(251) 633-0900                                                             


Mobile Metro Treatment Center

1924-C Dauphin Island Parkway 

Mobile, AL 36605

Phone: (251) 476-5733


Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc.                          

1055 Dauphin Street                                                   

Mobile, AL 36652                                                      

(251) 434-8195                                                             


The Shoulder

7400 Roper Lane

Daphne, AL 36526

(251) 626-2199                                                           


Web-Services and Information

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)—A “Find Help” link is available, with the ability to seek resources in particular locations:


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)—Users can quickly navigate the site to find local AA support groups:


Narcotics Anonymous (NA)-- Users can quickly navigate the site to find local NA support groups: