Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
Regular Meeting of 13 May 1998


1 and 2.  Call to Order and of Roll

            The regular meeting was called to order by Suzanne McGill, immediate past Chair, at 3:00 p.m. in Library 5.  The Secretary called the roll:
Present:  Arata, Allison, Ballard, Benoit, Broadus, Brandon, Camp, Caldwell,  Cepeda, Chryslee, DeWitt, Dilsaver, Dorman, Engebretson, Evans, Foster, Hamid, Haywick, Hitt, Honkanen, Jones, Labbe, Langan, Martin,                 McAfee, McIntosh, Moak, Morris, Mulekar, Norman, Payne, Sternberg, Strange, Sylvestre, Sweet, Swint, Teplick, Trufant, Tucker, Tuck-Muller, VanHaneghan, Vetrosky, Vinson, Weston, Williams, C. Wilson, G.  Wilson, Zhang
Absent (excused):  Ashley, Davidson-Shivers, Douglass, Frederick, Hamm, Izenberg, LeDoux, McIver, Parker, Ryder, Thurston


  1. Completion of Pending Business

            Minutes of the meeting of 8 April 1998 were approved.


  1. Election of 1998-99 Officers and Standing Committee Chairs

            Calvin Jones was elected chair; John Strange, vice chair; Jan Sylvestre, secretary.  Standing committee chairs were elected as follows:  Douglas Haywick, planning and development; John Foster, salary and fringe benefits; Richard Vinson, policy and handbook; and Richard Hitt, evaluations.


  1. Resolutions

            Tim Lally offered the following which was approved unanimously:

            WHEREAS Suzanne McGill has served the Faculty Senate with distinction, dedication, and good humor, and
WHEREAS Suzanne McGill has served the Senate as an elected officer for three consecutive years, two as Secretary and one as Chair, and
WHEREAS this service has been meritorious and advanced the interests of the Faculty in the University, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate does hereby praise Suzanne McGill, thank her for her service, and honor her for her leadership, and


            WHEREAS Jan Sauer has served the Faculty Senate with distinction, dedication, and good humor, and
WHEREAS Jan Sauer has served as Vice Chair of the Senate and created a Faculty Senate web page that is useful, informative, and well designed, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate does hereby praise Jan Sauer, thank her for her service, and honor her for creating the web page.


            The following two resolutions were carried over from previous meetings of the Senate and were approved unanimously:

            WHEREAS faculty have to undergo extensive review and evaluation for promotion including providing extensive documentation supporting their contributions to research, teaching and service (as fits their job description), and
WHEREAS faculty raises subsequent to promotion are fixed amounts that in most cases fall well below 5% of their base salary, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that promotions at all levels of the faculty at the University of South Alabama include the greater of:
--10% increase in base salary, or
--the $4,000 and $6,000 increments for Associate Professor and Professor, respectively.


            WHEREAS learning how to access, evaluate, and use information in all its formats is crucial to the instructional mission of the University, and
WHEREAS the current access and instructional facilities of the University Library are insufficient for providing this opportunity, and
WHEREAS the present University Library building is inadequate to provide for both group study areas and quiet study areas, and
WHEREAS faculty-developed computer-assisted-instructional methods and instructional World Wide Web pages are dependent upon the ability of students to access this instruction, and
WHEREAS the Library bond issue includes funding for technology, and
WHEREAS the present building does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that the construction of the University Library addition be expedited and all facilities and services of the building be fully functional as soon as possible.

  1. Adjournment.

            The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Lally, immediate past Secretary
These minutes were approved at the regular meeting of 8 July 98.


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