Approved Minutes
16 June, 1999


1. & 2.Call to Order and of Roll


Evans, Spector, Thurston, Vetrosky, Allison, Bowers, Brown, Cohen, Jones, Labbe, Miller, Payne, Rogers, Hsu, Kennett, McGinnis, Langan, Ryder, Trufant, Wilson, Davidson-Shivers, McIntosh, Strange, Van Haneghan, Olsen, Engebretson, Norman, Brandon, Cepeda, Cox, Kayes, LeDoux, Teplick, Townsley, DeWitt, Swint, Weitzel.

Absent (Excused):

Arata, Caldwell, Chryslee, Dilsaver, Haywick, Hitt, McAfee, Zhang, Bracken, Frederick, Hamid, Parker, Murray, Ballard, Honkanen, Foster, Nelson, Sternberg, Stevens, Tuck-Muller, Wesenberg, Weston.

3. Approval of Minutes:

As there was no minutes prepared from the May meeting minutes approval is postponed until the July meeting.

4. Report from the Chair:

An introduction of the executive committee was made: Senate Chair, Elise Labbe; Vice Chair, Bryce Evans; Secretary, Dan Vetrosky; Chair of Salary and Benefits Committee, Susan LeDoux; Chair of Planning Committee, Gail Chryslee; Chair of Handbook Committee, Stephen Morris; Chair of the Evaluation Committee, Calvin Jones.

The Senate Caucus Leaders were introduced: College of Allied Health Professions, Cindy Thurston; College of Arts and Sciences, Doug Haywick, College of Business and Management, Michael McGinnis; College of Computer and Information Science, David Langan; College of Continuing Education and Special Programs, Mary Trufant; College of Education, Irene McIntosh; College of Engineering, Michael Hamid; Library, Mary Engebretson; College of Medicine,; College of Nursing, Suzanne DeWitt. All caucus leaders were encouraged to communicate Senate issues to their respective constituents and bring any issues back from their Colleges to the Senate for consideration and discussion.

The senate is still in need of a Webmaster for the USA Faculty Senate web page. A call for volunteers was voiced.

Dr. Labbe reported that the Senate Executive Board met numerous times with President Moulton, the USA Board of Directors as well as the Foundation and Dr. Whiddon. Everyone welcomed our presence at these meetings.Dr Labbe also met with the athletic Task Force. It was clear that all of the information presented at the various meetings needed to be examined carefully in order for a reasonable report to be compiled and given to the Faculty Senate. As a result, an Ad Hoc Committee was appointed to that task (especially to review the financial report given by the Foundation). The Committee consists of Mike McGinnis, Steve Morris, Dan Rogers, and John Strange.

Football at USA was discussed. Data is still being gathered in order to support the premise that it would be financiallyunfeasible at this time.

The Executive Board met with Dr. Whiddon on two occasions in response to letters sent to him by the past and present Senate Chairs. He discussed the financial report and agreed to place a faculty member on the Foundation Board. He was non-committal regarding placing The University President on the Foundation Board.

5. Reports from Standing Committees:

There were no formal reports from the standing committees.

6. Reports from Caucus Leaders:

There were no formal reports from the Caucus Leaders.

7. Communications from the University President:

President Moulton stated that the search for the VP for Academic Affairs would begin August 1, 1999. He also wanted to inform us that he intends that the plans for the new library would go out to bid at the end of the summer. The early retirement Aincentive@ has only seen 3 faculty members (to date) accept the plan. It may be too early to assess the impact of the retirement incentive. President Moulton agreed to the sick leave plan, and stated that a formula to account for employee longevity would be worked out.

8. New Business:

A motion for a vote of no confidence in Dr. Whiddon and the Foundation was brought to the floor.Dr. Strange stated that he would work out the wording and try to have it prepared for the next Senate meeting. The motion was tabled until such time that the wording of the motion could be prepared.

Dr. Steve Itaya presented a resolution for the Senate to consider concerning the rationale for the support of an upcoming property tax increase to support schools. The resolution will be voted on next meeting, July 21, 1999.

9. Adjournment:

Elise Labbe adjourned the meeting at 4:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

D. Vetrosky, Secretary

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