Approved Minutes
December 15, 1999

1. & 2.             Call to Order and of Roll


Dagenais, Spector, Stanfield, Vetrosky, Arata, Brown, Bowers, Chryslee, Hitt,  Jones, Labbe, Miller, Morris, Rogers, Bracken, Hsu, Kennett, McGinnis, Trufant, Wilson, McIntosh, Van Haneghan, Engebretson, Murray, Norman, Brandon, Cepeda, Cox, Foster, Honkanen, Kayes, Ledoux, Nelson, Sternberg, Teplick, Townsley, DeWitt, Doolittle.
Absent (Excused):
Weitzel, Hamid, Ryder, Allison, Cohen, Haywick, Dilsaver, Davidson-Shivers, Langan, Stevens.
Absent (Unexcused):
Zhang, Frederick, Payne, Strange, Olsen, Parker, Ballard, Tuck-Muller, Wesenberg, Weston.
3. Approval of Minutes:
Minutes from the November meeting were approved.
4. Report from the Chair:
Dr. Labbe reported on the meeting which occurred with Carr & Associates concerning the investigation of starting a football program at the University. They will evaluate 16 intra-university systems to determine each system's ability to support a football program (security, food services, etc.)  They do not perform the market analysis but will recommend companies to do this.

The presidential search process is progressing well, and there is nothing new to report.

The Search for the Dean of Arts and Sciences is well underway. A short list of interviewees should be ready by the first of the year.

The search for Vice President of Academic Affairs: Following the last Faculty Senate meeting Dr. Harrison reported that Dr. Covey had applied for the position. Dr Labbe stated that she had received an outpouring of faculty concerns regarding this announcement. These concerns are outlined in a letter which Dr. Labbe drafted to the Search Committee for the Vice-president of Academic Affairs, and was distributed to the Faculty Senate today. Most of the concerns pertained to the make up of the committee and the effects of an internal candidate who is interim VP. Dr Labbe reported that as of this meeting she received 4 e-mails from faculty and administration stating that they weren't concerned about the issue and felt that her comments regarding the committee were highly insulting. She also received 28 phone calls and 25 e-mail contacts from faculty who were very concerned about the issue. Some of the e-mails and calls were a collective voice from a department or college. The search committee met yesterday and a short list of interviewees included Dr. Covey, Tim Hudson (USM), Lewis Radonovich (UNF), and Stephen Doblin (USM). Dr Labbe mentioned that all of their files are in the Library and urged everyone to attend their presentations. She stated that the presentation schedule would be posted.

Dr Labbe reported that communication with President Moulton has been very good. The University's public relations has improved greatly and that she was very gratified to see this occurring. She also stated that the student scholarships are a great "shot in the arm" for the University.
5. Reports from Standing Committees:
Salary and Benefits Committee report was given by Dr Ledoux. She stated that the committee is addressing the dental plan for the faculty, and a survey will be posted on the web, as well as a random mailing during the first of the year. The committee continues to investigate a vacation policy. Finally, the committee continues to working on addressing the salary compensation/equity issue. She stated that guidelines for 2.5% salary pool to be held for equity adjustment purposes will be worked out.

Policy and Handbook Committee Nothing new to report.

Planning and Development Committee reported that safety concerns and issues on campus continue to be investigated.

6. Reports from Caucus Leaders:
There were no caucus leader reports.
7. Communications from the University President:
President Moulton addressed Prime Health and the concerns that faculty members have. He urged that any problems or concerns should be voiced. He also stated that the University may have to offer a new plan, though this is not going to happen speedily. The Foundation issue seems to be quiet at present. President Moulton stated he is pushing for updated information regarding equity adjustments. He did mention that he hoped there could be raises next year.
8. Old Business:
Resolutions addressing investigating a USA football program, department chairs as senators, membership on state university boards of trustees, and faculty hiring guidelines were addressed. The results of the votes were:
Football resolution - Passed
To prohibit department chairs becoming senate members - Failed
Membership qualifications for state university boards of trustees - Passed
Faculty hiring guidelines - Passed

9. New Business:

A resolution to commend Mr. Keith Ayers, University Public Relations was introduced and will be voted upon at the next meeting. Two other resolutions were introduced and will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting: vacation policy, and teaching overload policy.
10. Adjournment:
Elise Labbe adjourned the meeting at 4:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
D. Vetrosky, Secretary

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