Approved Minutes
23 February, 2000

1. & 2.             Call to Order and of Roll


Dagenais, Stanfield, Vetrosky, Allison, Bowers, Brown, Chryslee, Cohen, Haywick, Hitt, Jones, Labbe, Miller, Morris, Payne, Rogers, Bracken, Hsu, Kennett, McGinnis, Langan, Ryder, Trufant, Wilson, Frederick, McIntosh, Strange, Hamid, Olsen, Parker, Engebretson, Murray, Norman, Brandon, Cepeda, Foster, Honkanen, Kayes, Ledoux, Nelson, Tuck-Muller, Wesenberg, DeWitt, Weitzel.
Absent (Excused):
Arata, Spector, Davidson-Shivers, Sternberg, Stevens, Townsley
Absent (Unexcused):
Dilsaver, Zhang, Van Haneghan, Cox, Teplick, Ballard, Weston, Doolittle
3. Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and approved.
4. Presentation From Mr. Andy Lightbourne:
Mr. Lightbourne addressed the senate regarding privacy and security issues in the University e-mail systems. He assured the senate that no one in computer services purposefully reads faculty or staff e-mail. He outlined the privacy and security issues of the Jaguar One and the GroupWise systems and the attributes and weaknesses of both. He stated that any sensitive materials which faculty members deem confidential should not be sent over any e-mail program unless appropriate security measures are employed. He stated that ultimately, no e-mail system was infallible to confidentiality or security breaches.
5. Report from the Chair:
Dr Labbe stated that the search for the Dean for Arts and Sciences is in progress. An interview of one of the candidates is to occur next week.
Dr. Labbe asked for feedback and evaluation forms of the interviewed candidates for the Vice President of Academic Affairs be sent to her and to President Moulton. She assured the senate that any specific feedback given to the President and Search Committee will be anonymous. She stated that the faculty senate executive committee and caucus leaders had met with the candidates and a brief summary of each encounter will be written. Included in each evaluation will be a commentary of the respective VITA as well as interview presentation and observation. An informal poll will be conducted via the faculty senate Web site.

Dr. Rogers and his committee continue to work on a faculty governance document. Dr. Labbe stated she had seen the first draft which looked informative and well written. She asked that if there were any ideas or suggestions regarding this topic to send them to the committee.
Dr. Labbe reminded all in attendance to attend the Carr & Associates report on the feasibility of football at USA.
The Presidential Search Process Committee is winding down and should have recommendations to report by April.
Dr Labbe encouraged everyone to start thinking about nominations for the Faculty Senate chair, vice-chair, secretary, and committee chairs. She stated to inform any member of the current executive committee regarding nominations or self declarations. Dr. Labbe felt that her tenure as faculty senate chair was more work than she had anticipated but she felt the experience to be enlightening. She especially appreciated meeting faculty outside of her normal routine and felt that the senate has been able to have some effect on University policy and procedures.

6. Reports from Standing Committees:
Salary and Benefits Committee report was given by Susan Ledoux. She stated that the dental benefits Web site survey will commence next week (hopefully). She stated that the vacation policy had been discussed at length and will be presented later in the meeting. She stated that Mary Townsely has been researching the gender equity issue and will report on her findings soon.

Policy and Handbook Committee Continues to investigate the policy on distance education courses and intellectual property. The committee is also looking into the new grade grievance policy changes and will report on both issues soon.
Evaluation Committee Dr. Jones stated that a new sections of the questionnaire will address football, the feasibility of a campus conference center, and thoughts regarding distance education courses. He welcomes any questions or comments on last years questionnaire.
Planning Committee The committee has been working on the daycare issue and handed out some reports at the meeting. Concern is also voiced about intermural athletic event space as some tennis and basketball courts have been removed.

7. Reports from Caucus Leaders:
Doug Haywick from Arts and Sciences urged all college faculty to attend the presentations of the candidates for dean.
8. Old Business:
The questions of endorsement of a particular candidate for Vice President or Academic Affairs was raised. It was felt that the senate should not endorse a particular candidate, but should give its feedback to the President. Along these same lines, a straw poll will be conducted via the faculty senate Web page.
The vacation policy resolution which had been reworked by the salary and benefits committee was reintroduced. Skip Foster reviewed and explained the changes. He asked that each caucus leader poll their respective colleges regarding the vacation policy resolution and return with the feedback at the next senate meeting.
9. New Business:
The final grade grievance policy has been reworked. A report on this will be forthcoming. There was no other new business..
10.Communications from the University President
Dr. Labbe was unable to attend the meeting with President Moulton and Dr. Rogers filled in for her. Issues regarding the "future faculty loan" ads which have appeared on campus was discussed. This program was mandated by a consent decree by Knight vs. Alabama and expires in the year 2005. There have been no faculty positions filled under this program to date.

The vacation policy and 9 and 12 month faculty distinctions were discussed. President Moulton felt it best to address the vacation policy college by college.
Dr. Rogers brought the Drama departments concern over space to the meeting. There is a University Space committee and it was felt that a faculty senator needed to be a part of the committee.
There were 47 faculty positions open. 27 have been filled and 20 have been frozen. Dr. Covey reported that the Deans were asked to list their priorities and she went along with their recommendations. Even if the legislature approves new appropriations, all of the increases will go to salaries for existing employees.
Wayne Davis reported that the recycling program got underway on the first of February. Two part time employees were assigned to the program and equipment has been purchased and put in place. The places for the recycling boxes will be publicized soon.

11. Adjournment:
Elise Labbe adjourned the meeting at 4:38 p.m.
 Respectfully submitted by:
 D. Vetrosky, Secretary

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