Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
17 January, 2001

1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call and Agenda Approval:

Present: Dagenais, Gifford, Hill, Spector, Bowers, I. Brown, R. Brown, Cohen, Comstock, Kwiatkowski, Matheson, Morris, Mozur, Rogers, Shardo, Ryder, Vest, Garmon, Rowe, Bailey, Broughton, Ellis, McIntosh, Strange, Olsen, Parker, Sylvester, Murray, Norman, Wheeler, Benoit, Boggs, Cepeda, Kayes, Perkins, Townsley, Tuck-Muller, Wesenberg, Wilson, Beatty, Bracken, Swofford, Broome, DeWitt, Weitzel

Absent (Excused): Blackwell, Hitt, Kimball, Miller, Teplick, Hsu

Absent (Unexcused): Payne, White, Baker, Sternberg, Stevens, Stubbs, Temple [Cox and Derbin are no longer with the University and have not been replaced on the Senate]

The agenda was approved.

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the November 15, 2000 Faculty Senate meeting were presented and approved with minor corrections to the roll call.

4. Informational Presentation:

Paul Houlsen, Assistant Chief of University Police, discussed workplace violence and possible effects on the University.

5. Report from the Chair and Communication from the President:

Chairman Rogers re ported on the Executive Committee's most recent meeting with President Moulton. He reported that President Moulton discussed the increasing possibility of budget (State) proration. Other issues on the agenda included: library construction, the USA Foundation, a computer firewall and, of course, football. There was nothing new to report concerning these topics.

6. Reports from Standing Committees:

Evaluation Committee:

Senator Wesenberg was welcomed back. While he had no formal report, he did mention a potential problem with confidentiality of survey data. He also encouraged Senators to submit suggestions pertaining to the next faculty survey.

Planning Committee:

Senator Dagenais had no report. Senator Gahan Bailey discussed some of the recent activities of the University Transportation Committee.

Policy and Handbook Committee:

Senator R. Brown reported that the Committee has been working on: faculty workload issues, consulting issues, ombudsmen, and a sabbatical policy.

Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee: Senator Townsley stated that the Faculty benefits webpage should be operational in the near future and that a sick leave donation policy is being discussed. There was some discussion of both Prime Health and Blue Cross health plans.

7. Reports From Caucus Leaders:

Allied Health: No report

A & S: The caucus met with their Dean briefly and discussed faculty workload issues and possibly making faculty evaluation information available to students.

Computer Science: A retreat was held during December. Major topics discussed were related to curriculum.

Cont. Ed. A College retreat was held during December.

Education: No meeting with the Dean. Comments are being solicited from faculty.

Engineering: No meeting with the Dean. Faculty input has been solicited.

Library: No report.

Medicine: Senator Benoit introduced himself as the new College of Medicine caucus leader.

MCOB: Senator Swofford expressed concerns of College faculty about evaluations of Deans, how to deal with no-confidence votes, and administrators' length of tenure in positions. He also questioned whether preexisting condition rules of our medical plan may be hurting recruiting efforts. The Dean of the College has not met with the College caucus.

Nursing: Caucus met with Dean. There is concern about the size of some internet courses and weighted teaching units.

8. Old Business:

Report from the ad hoc Committee on the University Budget:

Senator Strange presented an overview of the University budget and budget process. Major topics included: the University's approach to budgeting, revenue sources, categories of expenditures, and the budget process.

Report from the ad hoc Committee on Recruitment and Retention

Senator Mozur discussed how the University is addressing student recruitment and retention issues. Much of his discussion was based on documents available on the Office of Academic Affairs webpage ( An executive summary of this report is also available. Senator Mozur encourages all Senators to share their ideas and thoughts relative to recruitment and retention.

Resolution concerning the University of South Alabama Computer Use Policy

A motion expressing Faculty Senate support for the University of South Alabama Computer Use Policy was made and seconded. (A copy of this policy is currently available at

Resolution passed. (35 for, 1 opposed)

9. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
R. Bracken, Secretary

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