Approved Minutes

Nov. 20, 2002

Humanities Bldg., Rm. 160

3:00 p.m.





1.  Call to Order—3:02 pm

     Quorum was not met at this time.


2.  Roll Call


Present:  Aronson, Barik, Bowers, I. Brown, R. Brown, Dickens, Donovan, Ellis, Gifford, Godfrey, Gray, Haywick, Jefferson, Kimball, Longenecker, Morris, Mozur, Perkins, Peters, Pillen, Quinn, Robertson, Rowe, Sanders, Slagle, Sylvester, Tate, Temple, Wheeler.


Absent (Excused):  Aldes, Bailey, Broughton, Cohen, Dagenais, Foster, Gamble, Hanks, Kwiatkowski, Rodning.


Absent (Unexcused):  El-Saba, Figarola, Garmon, Hill, McNair, Moreau-Johnson, Pettyjohn, Teplick, Wilson.



3.  Dr. Joe Busta, Vice-President of Development and Alumni Relations:

     Dr. Busta gave an overview of the activities for the first few months of his tenure.  He spent the first the time getting acquainted with the various schools, facilities, faculty and staff that comprise the University.  His plan is to “sell” the university to potential donors.  


An “Alumni Strategic Plan” has been created to correspond with the University Strategic Plan. The purpose is to build a support base for the university and make it more viable in its support.  It includes increasing its network and the creation of alumni clubs around the state. The University plans to purchase alumni development software system to help keep track of activity and report of major gifts to institution.


Also, currently in development is a master development plan for the institution. The goal is to improve public and private support of university as well as maximize the support of the university from all sources.  There is need to identify what to raise money for as part of the overall goal setting.  This plan will go before the Board of Trustees in Dec.


Dr. Busta will accept emails of suggestion for donors or activities.



4.  Approval of Minutes of the October 16, 2002 meeting:

     Sen. Sylvester suggested adding a paragraph to the information from Fulford’s presentation.  Adopted, as amended, by voice vote.


5.  New Business:

     Policy of English Language Proficiency for Teaching Faculty

Dr. Covey requested that this policy be added to the Faculty Handbook as a way to satisfy a SACS requirement.  Wording, as submitted to the Faculty Senate, was previously unanimously approved by the AAPC.  It was pointed out that in fact, and for the most part, candidates for teaching positions at USA are thoroughly reviewed, including fluency in English.  The policy does not address problems brought about by cultural differences.  There was a question regarding the consequences for those that do not meet the minimum qualifications of "communicating effectively" and are nonetheless employed since no specific procedure is outlined.


Motion to approve the policy was carried by unanimous voice vote.


6.  Chair's Report:

Spring break is the third week of March, which is the scheduled meeting time for the faculty senate.  A motion to have meeting moved to the 2nd Wednesday of March was passed by voice vote.


The monthly meeting with Pres. Moulton for Oct. was cancelled since the main agenda item concerned a College of Medicine issue and Dr. Kreisberg was unable to attend.  One of the proposed agenda items concerned the raises for clinical faculty of COM.  Their salary is based on two components—university/state funds and health services foundation funds.  Staff salaries will receive this year’s raise, but physicians will not.  This item has been tabled for discussion until Kreisberg is able to attend.


Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents—Chair Brown attended a 2-day meeting recently.  ACHE (Alabama Commission of Higher Education) formed a planning liaison group (PLG) made up of university presidents appointments, which are usually the vice-president of academic affairs.  The ACUFP group developed a list of points of discussion for “Feedback and Presentation to ACHE PLG”.  Sen. Haywick suggested that the USA faculty should develop a similar listing of USA’s needs for USA’s representative, Al Yaeger.  Chair Brown proposed setting up an ad hoc committee to address the issues with Yaeger.  Sen. Sylvester suggested that Yaeger been requested to address the Senate.  It was decided that the Executive Committee meet with Yaeger to discuss the issues.


Higher Education Partnership has been formed as a counterpart to the strong K-12 lobby in the state.  There is an appealed for members.


The handout “USA Faculty Suggestions for Consideration by and Discussion with the USA Foundation” was the result from the discussions of Faculty Senators’ suggestions based on Allan Tucker’s report to the Senate, with input from Asa Green from the USA Foundation.  The USA Foundation has formed itself into two committees: the University Request Committee and the Investments Committee.  The next meeting of the USA Foundation is Dec 10th.   Discussion ensued about the problems of having two separate endowments, between USA University and USA Foundation.  Chair Brown requested a resolution by Senate Executive Committee regarding a proved accountability of Foundation accounts.


7.  Reports from Standing Committees

Evaluation:  No report, but plan to schedule a meeting in Dec. to start the work on the next faculty survey.


Policy & Handbook:  No report.


Planning & Development:  The committee met with Al Yeager.  The discussion centered on current projects, including: 42 architectural programs and the transportation system at the university (buses by fall of 2003 and trams by fall 2004).  With the addition of the Research Park, there is a possibility of a day-care facility in the future.  Also in the works is the completion of the unfinished section of College of Engineering facility. 


Salary & Fringe Benefits:  No report.



8.  Reports from Caucus Leaders:


CIS--Will be meeting soon to fill the vacant senator position.



9.  Old Business:




10.  Adjournment—4:40 pm