Jan. 15, 2003

Humanities Bldg., Rm. 150

3:00 p.m.





1.                  Call to Order—3:05 p.m.


The agenda for the meeting was approved.



2.                  Roll Call


Present:  Aldes, Bailey, Barik, Bowers, Broughton, I. Brown, R. Brown, Cohen, Dagenais, Dickens,  Ellis, Foster, Garmon, Godfrey, Gray, Hanks, Haywick, Hill, Jefferson, Kimball, Kwiatkowski, Lemcool, Longenecker, Morris, Pardue, Perkins, Peters, Pillen, Quinn, Robertson, Rodning, Rowe, Sanders, Slagle, Sylvester, Tate, Temple, Wheeler, Wilson.


Absent (Excused):  Aronson, Donovan, Figarola, Gamble, Mozur, Teplick.


Absent (Unexcused):  Moreau-Johnson.



3.                  Approval of Minutes of the Nov. 20, 2002, meeting


Minutes were approved by voice vote.



4.                  Chair’s Report


The initial report from university administration indicated that enrollment is up 6% over last year spring semester.  Also the University will be observing its 40th anniversary this year.  One of the celebratory events will be the opening of the Library addition. 



5.                  Standing Committees’ Reports


Evaluation—There is a meeting next week to discuss a plan for the next faculty survey.


Salary & Fringe Benefits—A subcommittee has been formed to consider a plan for long-term care insurance.  The university administration is in favor of the plan.  The RFP will be put together soon, and hopefully the benefit will be offered soon to USA employees.



6.                  Caucus Leaders’ Reports


Arts & Sciences—The Dean’s search is down to 3 candidates, with interviews to be conducted on campus by the end of Jan.


CIS—The new senator for CIS, Harold Pardue, was introduced.


Education—The Dean’s search has begun, with 27 applicants for the position.


Library—A progress report of the Library addition was given.  The Grand Opening is scheduled for the first week on March.


Nursing—The College is planning for its 30th anniversary.



7.                  New Business


A.                 A resolution, commending the performance of the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on  the viability of a football program at USA, was presented by Vice Chair Morris.  After some discussion, the resolution passed with two senators voting no and two senators abstaining.


B.                 Two major proposed changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution were presented to the Senate.  The first proposal was to change the composition of the Executive Council by adding the position of Past-Chair and by changing the position of Vice-Chair to Chair-Elect.  The second major proposed change concerned the addition of 3 new standing committees (Faculty Mentoring, Environmental Quality, and Technology Utilization committees) and splitting the Planning and Development Committee into two separate committees.  The last proposal was to ensure a one-course per semester release time for the Chair and Secretary.  There was some initial discussion of the proposed changes, but the matter was tabled until the February meeting to allow more consideration by the Senators on the issues.  [All changes to the Senate Constitution requires a 2/3 vote in favor of the changes, followed by a majority vote by the entire faculty, then finally passed by the USA Board of Trustees.]



8.                  Old Business


There was no old business.



9.                  Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.