University of South Alabama Faculty Senate
Feb. 18, 2004
University Library, Rm. 110
3:00 p.m.

Approved Minutes


  1. Call to Order-The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm
  2. Present: Aronson, Barik, Brown, Bru, Coleman, Dickens, Donovan, Figarola, Foster, Gamble, Godfrey, Gray, Hanks, Harris, Haywick, Icenogle, Jefferson, Lauderdale, Millner, Moreau-Johnson, Morris, Nowlin, Olsen, Pardue, Parker, Payne, Perez Pineda, Peters, Pillen, Powell, Robertson, Rubin, Ryan, Sanders, Sauer, Spake, Tate, Temple, Teplik, and Watts.

    Excused: Aldes, Cohen, DuPree, Giles, Kovaleski, Pruitt, and Sachs.

    Unexcused: Davis, Longenecker, Luterman, Manci, Quinn, and Rodning.


  3. Approval of Minutes of the Jan. 21 meeting:
  4. The minutes were approved without any changes.

  5. Chair’s Report:
  6. Chair Brown attended the 5 meetings that the Executive Committee of the University Board of Trustees held on Jan. 23rd concerning the performance of President Moulton, but they turned into more of a long-range planning exercise. The meetings were fairly favorable to the president. The Faculty Survey was concluded and the results will eventually be posted on the Senate website. There is talk of doing a follow-up phone survey. The Senate Planning committee is pursuing the idea of a Faculty Club and the Executive committee will put it on the agenda for its next meeting with the President, along with the issues of the ad hoc committee report and the state budget situation. There is a problem with the University Traffic and Parking Committee. There is some question of who heads the committee, and that faculty representation may be reduced, even though the current number (2) is already minimal. The issues of students using faculty/staff parking permits or parking in faculty/staff lots are not being addressed by the University committee. The University Foundation has made an offer to help preserve, if only temporarily, the USA Southflite Emergency Helicopter Service. The Alumni Association still has not posted the results of their survey on the USAF and the USA Administration. The AAPC met in February and approved a revised Student Academic Conduct Policy, so it is up to the Faculty Senate to approve it before it goes into effect.

    Chair Brown also encouraged returning senators to think about service as officers, committee chairs, and caucus leaders in the next senate. Within the next month the departing senators will need to be replaced and elections will need to be held before the April meeting. Election of the new officers will take place at the April meeting.

  7. Old Business:
  8. Report on Presidential Performance, 1998-2003–Morris, Chair of the Presidential Evaluation Ad Hoc Committee, presented a draft of their report. Some suggestions that were given by the senators for additions were: include some data from the previous president; and turn the tables into figures. A motion was made to grant the committee the authority to present the report with minor changes to the University Board of Trustees at their next meeting in March.

    There was a suggestion to submit a resolution supporting the report and a resolution to call upon the Board of Trustees to evaluate the president on a routine basis. No action was taken.

  9. New Business:
  10. Student Academic Conduct Policy–This policy adds that there will be a permanent record maintained in the office of Academic Affairs, a student will not be able to drop the course until the resolution of the case, and that dismissal from a college or school will result in permanent dismissal from the university. There was also the question of whether the issue of plagiarism should specifically be addressed in this policy. There is a committee that has been charged with looking at creating a student honor code. Motion was made to approve the policy, which was approved with no objections.

  11. Reports from Standing Committees:
  12. Academic Development and Mentoring (Coleman)–The committee has been busy setting up the reception for Mentoring for March 11th

    Environmental Quality (Nowlin)–Eco Club has accepted the responsibility of cleaning the pond. Recycling effort is not campus-wide. The committee is investigating the possibility of establishing it.

    Evaluation (Brown for Longenecker)–The committee is pursuing the telephone survey as a follow up to the online survey. It will be a scaled-down version of the online survey, and should take only 10 minutes.

    Policy and Handbook (Hanks)–The committee is following the issue of diversity of faculty, as specifically outline in the court case to mean African American

    Planning (Haywick)–The committee is pursuing the establishment of a USA Faculty Club and the problem of parking on campus.

    Salary & Fringe Benefits (Teplick)–The committee is looking at universal bonuses or matching funds for 401C3, though these issues are also being pursued by the Faculty Compensation Committee. There is also a problem with changes in the Flex program, which the S&FB committee will look into.

    Technology Utilization (Pardue)–One issue they are looking at is the capability of faculty being able to back up their data/research. Also considering the issue of "wireless" campus.

  13. Caucus Leaders Reports:
  14. AH–Held a Science Olympiad.

    A&S–Considering creating a separate evaluation form for non-tenure track faculty and are looking at suggestions for questions to be included.

    MCOB–Has been unsuccessful in recruitment for faculty vacancies.

    COE–The College is teaching courses for online courses.

    Nursing–Had a celebration for their 30th anniversary with about 100 nurses.

  15. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.