University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
April 21, 2004
University Library, Rm. 110
3:00 p.m.

Approved MINUTES


  1. Call to Order
  2. The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm

    Present: Ames, Aronson, Beverly, Brick, Brown, Bru, Coleman, Donovan, Flynn, Gamble, Giles, Godfrey, Guion, Haywick, Jefferson, Kovaleski, Lauderdale, McCready, McIntosh, Millner, Moore, Moreau, Morris, Nowlin, Pardue, Perez Pineda, Peters, Pillen, Pruitt, Rattie, Robertson, Ryan, Sachs, Sauer, Scammell, Spake, Swofford, Sylvester, Whitehurst, and Wooster.

    Excused: Aldes, Burckhartt, Costello, Davis, Dickens, Dupree, Harris, King, Molokhia, and Teplick.

    Unexcused: Luterman, Manci, Parker, Powell, Rodning, and Sanders.

    Guests: Longenecker, Payne, and Tate.


  3. Approval of Minutes of the March 24th meeting
  4. There was a request from Aronson to revise the wording on the section of the Caucus Leader Report for College of Medicine. The minutes were adopted with the revision.


  5. Chair’s Report
  6. Chair Brown introduced the new senators.


  7. Old Business
  8. There was no old business to discuss.


  9. New Business
    1. Proposed Non-tenure Track Faculty Promotion Policy (Faculty Handbook)
    2. There was a question about non-tenure faculty with rank other than what is addressed in the proposed policy, and how they fit in with the rest of the handbook. After some discussion, the proposed policy was tabled for further consideration.

    3. Faculty Grievance Procedures changes (Faculty Handbook 4.2)
    4. The proposed change on this policy was to change the duration for filling a grievance from 6 months to 90 days of the alleged wrong. There was an amendment from the floor to change the duration to "180 calendar days" rather than the "90 calendar days" in the original proposal. This amendment to the proposed change in policy was agreed on by the senators. Also the original change that was proposed, to delete the first two sentences from main paragraph under 4.2.4 Initiation, was also agreed on.

    5. College of Medicine Guidelines and Policies Relating to Faculty Appointments, Promotions and Tenure.

    The College of Medicine was reviewed by the LCME Committee in Sept of 2002, and the received their review in Nov. 2003. In the letter the LCME Committee said the College’s policies for promotion and tenure were homogenous and not standardized. The College decided to come up with 3 major tracks for positions at COM and also to see more clinical research at USA. Mary Townsley was chair of the committee, which reviewed policies from various colleges of medicine. The committee drafted a new policy for faculty appointments, promotions, and tenure. Various faculty groups within the college had opportunity to give their input for changes, and was finally reviewed by all faculty in COM. Given that the faculty of the College of Medicine approved the guidelines, the Faculty Senate also approved the guidelines by a voice vote.


  10. Election of Officers
  11. The slate of officers were elected as presented; there were no nominations from the floor. The Executive Committee for 2004/2005 is:


    Steve Morris, A&S


    Doug Haywick, A&S


    Ross Dickens, MCOB

    Chair, Acad. Dev. & Mentoring:

    John Kovaleski, Educ.

    Chair, Acad. Policy & Faculty Handbook:

    Marian Peters, Nurs.

    Chair, Environmental Quality:

    Vaughn Millner, Educ

    Chair, Evaluation:

    John Gamble, MCOB

    Chair, Planning & Development:

    John Sachs, Educ.

    Chair, Salary & Fringe Benefits:

    Steve Teplick, COM

    Chair, Technology Utilization:

    Jan Sauer, Lib.


    Reports from the Committee Chairs and Caucus leader were suspended. The new Chair of the Faculty Senate, Steve Morris, outlined his goals for the coming term. There are three areas on which he plans on working: enhancing visibility of the senate, enhancing our inclusiveness as a senate and as faculty, and enhancing our relevancy to the academic community. Though Chair Morris will not be here this summer, due to his commitment to teach in Mexico, he will be available and active with the responsibilities of the Senate though email.


  12. Adjournment

Adjournment of the first meeting of the 2004/2005 term was at 4:05 pm.