University of South Alabama

Faculty Senate



March 23, 2005

University Library, Rm. 181




     The meeting began at 3:07 p.m. with Chair Steve Morris presiding. 


     Steve Morris opened the meeting, but as a quorum was not present, he asked Joe F. Busta, Jr. (Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, to speak. Dr. Busta's presentation focused on (1) reporting the results of last year's efforts compared to previous years, (2) setting goals for private gift support and other fund raising priorities, and (3) organizational changes. The presentation concluded with a question and answer session. In regard to fund raising priorities, he stated there were few changes in fund raising with two exceptions. First, Ginny Turner, Director of University Development, is concentrating on new donors. Ginny is responsible for academic areas, Baldwin County and Brookley.  Jim Raney is concentrating on the College of Medicine. The staff will be expanded to help provide support for the existing staff and to help in projects such as writing proposals. There are plans for new fund raising efforts in both the medical and the general area.


     The question and answer period brought discussion about alumni campaigns and ideas from faculty. Steve asked about the possibility of fund raising for the University Club. Joe stated he would like to see the results of the faculty survey for consideration of the topic. He agreed to help set up an account and help establish a goal for a fund-raising campaign. He also noted that this office could potentially provide accounting services and infrastructure.

     Steve requested elaboration upon Dr. Busta's noting he meets with deans and chairs to identify objectives for funding.  The discussion included a question from the senate as to whether faculty members were involved in these meetings.  Dr. Busta's response is that faculty members are not.  


     At this time, Steve announced a quorum was present.


Present:  Ames, Aronson, Beverly, Brick, Brown, Bru, Coleman, Dupree, Giles, Haywick, Jefferson, Kovaleski, Lauderdale, McCready, McIntosh, Millner, Moore, Morris, Nowlin, Parker, Perez Pineda, Pillen, Pruitt, Robertson, Rodning, Ryan, Sachs, Sanders, Sauer, Spake, Swofford, Sylvester, Teplick, Whitehurst, and Wooster.


Excused:  Aldes, Costello, Dickens, Donovan, Flynn, Godfrey, Guion, Hain, Harris, Harrison, King, Molokhia, Pardue, Peters, Powell, and Rattie.


Unexcused:  Burkhartt, Davis, Husain, Luterman, Manci, Scammell


Guests:  Busta (Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations)


     The Minutes of the February 16th meeting were approved with no corrections.


     Chair's Report


     Steve's report (full copy in Senate records) provided a year-end summary.  Discussion points were:  Dental Policy, University/Faculty Club, Withdrawal Policy, Retention, Patent and Invention Policy, Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents, Higher Education Partnership, and the progress toward addressing the three goals he set at the beginning of the year.  Finally, Steve thanked the Senators rotating off the Senate.


     Old Business


     There was no added old business beyond the topics covered in the Chair's Report.


Reports from standing committees


Academic Development & Mentoring:  John Kovaleski reports the committee has developed a program survey that will be sent to new faculty and mentors for the purpose of evaluating progress. Given the completion of the first full year for the program, it is time to establish new directions.  John anticipates active summer participation in the program.


Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook:  No report.


Environmental Quality:  Vaughn Millner reports the wood duck boxes for the campus have been constructed. The boxes will soon be placed at appropriate locations. In addition, instructions for creating a �living� memorial� are now on the faculty senate website.


Evaluation:  Deborah Spake reports the survey is complete and substantially reduced from last year's. The survey should be disseminated by tomorrow and will have about 100 questions (taking roughly 10-15 minutes to complete). There was a delay as a result of not being able to quickly attain an accurate faculty list. Confidentiality was discussed. Deborah stated that in the online version, a file of name of submitters will be kept separately from the information of each submitter. Therefore, responses will be anonymous. The paper version, by necessity, will not be anonymous.


Planning & Development:  John Sachs reports he met with Bob Shearer and plans to meet with Joe Busta. He reports progress on the university club and states the administration has been supportive of the project.


Salary & Fringe Benefits:  No report.  Steve Teplick encouraged the new chair to meet with him about dental plans and other ongoing projects.


Technology Utilization:  No report.


Caucus Leaders reports


     Applicable caucus leaders report that they are in the process of gathering nominations for upcoming elections (new senators to be in place for the April meeting).


Allied Health:  No report.


Arts & Sciences:   No report.


CIS:  No report.


Continuing Education:  No report.


Education:  Irene McIntosh reports the college's faculty senators will present the College of Education Faculty Assembly Bylaws to the college in a meeting at the end of the week.


Engineering:  No report.


Library:  No report.


Medicine:  No report.


MCOB:  No report.


Nursing:  Rebecca Ryan reports a proposal of a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is being developed and aggressively pursued.



Added information reports:


     Susan McCready, member of the Honors Coordinator Selection Committee, reports there are currently three candidates for the full-time position. The committee is finalizing recommendations.


     Doug Haywick, member of the Graduate Dean Selection Committee, reported there are four internal candidates. The committee's role is to review the candidates to determine who is qualified. The members will not be responsible for interviews.


     Vaughn Millner, member of the Associate Vice-President Selection Committee, reports there are four internal candidates. The committee has met once and intends to provide recommendations to the vice-president after the next meeting.



     Again, Steve thanked all out-going senators for their service and urged them to return.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 pm.


Next meeting:  Wednesday, April 20th.  



(Respectfully submitted by Ross Dickens with special thanks to Vaughn Millner.)