University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate
April 20, 2005
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3:05 pm with Chair Steve Morris presiding. 

Steve announced a quorum was present.

Present:  Beverly, Brick, Britt, Bru, Bullard, Crumb, Dardeau, Flynn, Godfrey, Guion, Hain, Harrison, Haywick, Hubbard, Khan, Kovaleski, Lauderdale, Li, McCready, McIntosh, Millner, Moore, Morris, Morgan, Nowlin, Pardue, Perez-Pineda, Prokhorov, Powell, Pruitt, Rattie, Santoli, Sauer, Spake, Swofford, Wooster, and Zhang

Excused:  Ames, Burckhartt, Coleman, Delcoure, Douglass, King, Parker, Sylvester, and Whitehurst

Unexcused:  Costello, Davis, Dupree, Harris, Luterman, Manci, Molokhia, and Ryan

Guests:  Dickens (past secretary), Husain (A&S)

The Minutes of the March 23rd meeting were approved with a minor correction.

Chair's Report

Steve began the Chair's Report by introducing Doug Haywick, Chair-elect (until the soon-to-be-held election).  Doug began by thanking Steve and Richmond Brown for their efforts as the Senate's Chair over the past two years. 

Doug put forward three areas for emphasis in the next year:

1)     Continuing the excellent work by Richmond and continued by Steve in making the Faculty Senate a respected conduit for communication on behalf of the faculty with the USA Foundation and the Administration.

2)     Continue improving the communication between the Faculty Senate and the at-large Faculty (along with ensuring Faculty Senate participation on all University committees and getting reports back from Senate representatives as to those committee's works). 

                              (As an example, Doug reported that Women's Softball will be the next varsity sport which he knew from his participation on the Athletics Committee.)

3)     Proactively working on the retention/assessment issues being discussed in the University community to help make sure faculty concerns are considered deliberately.

Doug went on to provide the tentative dates for the next year's meetings:  June 15th, July 20th, September 21st, October 19th, November 16th, January 18th, February 15th, March 15th (will be moved if conflicts with Spring Break), and April 19th.

     Finally, Doug mentioned that Executive Committee members from the past and current Senates will meet with President Moulton next week.

Old Business

     Doug reported progress on the Purchasing Card issue (in terms of modifying use rules).  More details will be provided in the future.

New Business

               -Introduction of new faculty senators

     The new Senators beginning their terms this month are:

                              Kristy Britt (A&S)                                                    Daphne Hubbard (EDUC)

                              Bettie Bullard (EDUC)                                           Zoya Khan (A&S)

                              Cynthia Crumb (A&S)                                           Elliot Lauderdale (CESP)

                              Genevieve Dardeau (A&S)                                  Jie Li (LIB)

                              Natasha Delcoure (MCOB)                                  Cindy Morgan (NURS)

                              Scott Douglass (ENGR)                                       Vasily Prokhorov (A&S)

                              Ed Harrison (MCOB)                                            Susan Santoli (EDUC)

                                                                                                              Xin-Min Zhang (A&S)

Election of Senate Officers

     The following candidates' names were placed into nomination (with no additional nominations from the floor).

               Chair Elect:                                                                    Irene McIntosh

               Secretary:                                                                      Vaughn Millner

               Chair, Academic Development & Mentoring:           John Kovaleski

               Chair, Academic Policy and Handbook                     Donna Wooster

               Chair, Environmental Quality                                       Barry Nowlin

               Chair, Evaluation                                                           Deborah Spake

               Chair, Planning and Development                              Nicole Flynn

               Chair, Salary and Fringe Benefits                               Susan McCready

               Chair, Technology                                                          Jan Sauer

     By voice vote, the nominated candidates were elected (with Doug Haywick moving to Chair from Chair Elect).

               -USA Patent and Invention Policy

     The handout materials for this meeting included the revised USA Patent and Invention Policy along with comments on the revisions (both documents in Senate records).  Doug asked the Senators to read over the documents and bring questions/discussion points to the June meeting.

     One area with lack of clarity in the policy is how collaborations with faculty from other universities would be treated.  Doug will try to invite Holly Meadows to be present at the June meeting to answer any questions.

               -University Assessment Committee

     A University Assessment Committee is being formed with Rick Axelson being an important member.  Doug will bring word to the Senate as to the committee's mandate and actions.

               -State Budget Process

     Doug commented on an e-mail from Happy Fulford requesting faxes to be sent by the next day to state senators regarding a pending appropriations bill.  Doug will send a message on behalf of the Senate in support of the bill and requested senators send their own notes as well.  (To this end, Doug agreed to find the e-mail addresses for the local senators along with the provided fax number and get that information to faculty senators.)

Reports from standing committees

Academic Development & Mentoring:  John Kovaleski reported the committee's year-end report is on the Senate's website and provided a brief overview of the committee's usual activities.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook:  Newly-elected Donna Wooster summarized the committee's two major action areas of the prior year had been the withdrawal policy issue and the possibility of promotion for non-tenure track instructors.  She will check with Dr. Covey as to deadlines for any changes to the handbook.

Environmental Quality:  Vaughn Millner (past chair) and Barry Nowlin reported the erection of the wood duck boxes (in association with the Alabama Coastal Foundation).  Barry intends to emphasize education as to the university's diverse habitat and the need for a clean up day.  Finally, senators were reminded that they are the eyes and ears to watch for environmental issues on campus.

Evaluation:  Deborah Spake reported the committee conducted two surveys on the proposed University Club during the past year. Also, the Senate's Annual Survey is ongoing (with about 30% participation thus far).  She anticipated that the results will be presented in June.

Planning & Development:  Nicole Flynn reported the committee will continue to examine the University Club issue as well as work with the Environmental Quality committee when appropriate.

Salary & Fringe Benefits:  Susan McCready reported the first major issue on the table will be related to dental insurance.  Also, the possibility of raises next year will be on everyone's mind.

Technology Utilization:  Jan Sauer reported her committee's year-end report is on the Senate's website.  Doug pointed out that Jan is also the Senate's webmaster and thanked her for her services.

Caucus Leaders reports

     Doug did seek college reports, but asked each college to be sure to select a caucus leader before the next meeting and advise Vaughn Millner of the choice.  Doug described the caucus' role to be a communicative device to each college's faculty and to its administration.

Last thoughts:  Ross Dickens suggested the Senate re-examine if it wishes to have Department Chairs as Senate members.  He stated that being both a member of the faculty and of the administration was, at some times, awkward.  (Doug then thanked Ross for his services as Secretary.)

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:08 pm.