University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate

October 18, 2006
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3: 10 pm with Chair Irene McIntosh presiding. A quorum was present.

Present: Beverly, Moore, Vrettos, Amare, Brick, Britt, Crumb, Dardeau, Dupree Taylor, Farmer, Fresne, Khan, Loomis, Major, Prokhorov, Wright, Hain, Doran, Bru, Hubbard, Sachs, Santoli, Engin, Sylvester, Tate, Carnahan, Porter ,Phelen, Joseph, Prescott, Swofford.

Excused: Brown, Douglas, Guion, Irion, King, Lauderdale, Pettyjohn, Robinson

Unexcused: Flynn, Ficici, Bullard, Jie Li, Costello, Burckhartt, Costello, Molokhia, Sherman, Williams, Elliot, Heins, McNair, Rego, Rivers, Harrison, Robinson, Varner, Hamilton, Shamburger

Guests: No guests were present

Minutes: The Minutes of the September meeting were approved with amendments.

Chair’s Report:

Old Business:

Grade Replacement policy-Senate discussion included:

Nature Trail Faculty Senate Work Day proposed (November 11 th) by Susan Santoli, Environmental Quality Chair. Proposal passed with 23 for, 1 opposed and no abstentions.

New Business:

Current wording in Faculty handbook indicates five years whereas the current wording in the Promotion and Tenure Handbook for University Library indicates three years. Proposal will go toAcademic Policy and Handbook for review, V. Tate indicated she would research copy.

Reports from standing committees:

Academic Development and Mentoring (B. Beverly): Reviewing New Faculty and Orientation

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook (I.Z. Brown): Meeting and will report next month concerning Grade Replacement Policy and possibly the University Library proposal

Environmental Quality (S.Santoli): The October Clean up was a success and the Port City Pacers Fundraiser reported $3,000, with the Silent Auction $1,800. Reviewing campus recycling efforts main campus and Fairhope campus

Evaluation (T. Hain):

Planning & Development (N.Flynn) :

Salary & Fringe Benefits (Michael Doran): J. Irion attending Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Conference. Report next month.

Technology Utilization (Kristy Britt): Working on Personal Response Systems university-wide

Caucus Leaders Reports

Allied Health (Bob Moore):

Arts & Sciences (Tony Wright): No report.

Computer & Information Sciences (T. Hain): Would like chair to address parking issues near Miesler Hall; revocation of faculty parking fees.

Continuing Education (Stephen Bru): No report.

Education (Daphne Hubbard): No report.

Engineering (Nicholas Sylvester): New Dean of Engineering arriving in January from The Florida State University

Library (Dennis Guion): No report.

Medicine (Gary Carnahan): No report.

Mitchell College of Business (Matthew Joseph): No report.

Nursing (Karen Hamilton): No report.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:11 p.m.