University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate

November 15, 2006
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

The meeting began at 3: 04 pm with Chair Irene McIntosh presiding. A quorum was not present.

Present: Amare, Britt, Crumb, Dardeau, Douglass, Dupree Taylor, Farmer, Flynn, Loomis, Major, Prokhorov, Wright, Doran, Hain, Bru, Lauderdale, McIntosh, Sachs, Santoli, Irion, Li, Tate, Carnahan, Molokhia, Pettyjohn, Porter, Phelen, Joseph, Prescott, Swofford, Robinson.

Excused: Beverly, Brick, Brown, Engin, Ficici, Fresne, Guion, Hubbard, Khan, King, Moore, Sylvester, Vrettos, Wright

Unexcused: Burckhartt, J.E. Carter, Costello, Heins, McNair, Phelen, Porter, Rego, Rivers, Sherman, Harrison, Varner

Guests: No guests were present

Minutes: Not approved due to lack of quorum

Chair’s Report:

Academic Affairs Policy Committee- good information exchange

Ongoing Search Committee for the Vice-President of Research

Attended meeting with USA Foundation Board meeting with departmental chairs and faculty

 Old Business:

Grade Replacement policy-Senate discussion included:

New Business: No quorum.

Reports from standing committees:

Academic Development and Mentoring (B. Beverly): No report.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook (I.Z. Brown): Met and reported on the Grade Grievance Policy and the University Library proposal.

Environmental Quality (S. Santoli): The October Clean up was a success and the Port City Pacers Fundraiser reported $3,000, with the Silent Auction $1,800. Reviewing: campus recycling efforts main campus and Fairhope campus. Propose a recycling center on campus, increase collaborative efforts between USA, Springhill, and Sierra Club.

Evaluation (T. Hain):

Planning & Development (N.Flynn): Proposal: Move committee from Faculty Senate committee to a university committee


Salary & Fringe Benefits (Michael Doran):

Technology Utilization (Kristy Britt):

Caucus Leaders Reports

Allied Health (Bob Moore): No report

Arts & Sciences (Tony Wright): No report.

Computer & Information Sciences (T. Hain): No report

Continuing Education (Stephen Bru): New person in development: Cheryl Stratton.

Education (John Sachs): No report.

Engineering (Nicholas Sylvester): No report.

Library (Dennis Guion): V. Tate. Reported flooding in the University library-3rd and 4 th floors. Minimal damage and no damage to Faculty Senate materials.

Medicine (Gary Carnahan): Stan K. Hammack appointed Vice-President Health Services.

Mitchell College of Business (Matthew Joseph): No report.

Nursing (Karen Hamilton): No report.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:11 p.m.