University of South Alabama
Faculty Senate

January 17, 2007
University Library, Rm. 110

Approved MINUTES

I. The meeting began at 3: 06 pm with Chair Irene McIntosh presiding. A quorum was present. Minutes changed and approved for October and November.

Present: Moore, Irion, Vrettos, Britt, Brown, Dardeau, Dupree, Fresne, Farmer, Khan, Loomis, Major, Prokorov, Wright, Hain, Ficici, Hubbard, McIntosh, Sachs, Santoli, Engin, Guion, Li, Tate, Carnahan, Costello, King, Porter, Joseph, Falkos, Prescott, Robinson, Shamburger

Excused: Beverly, Crumb, Flynn, Amare, Brick, Bru, Doran, Engin, King, Lauderdale, Pettyjohn, Sylvester, Swofford

Unexcused: Burckhartt, Carter, Heins, McNair, Phelan, Rego, Rivers, Sherman, Varner

II. Chair’s Report:

Administration activities:

Executive Committee: Did not meet with President Moulton or Dr. Covey. Issues presented by caucus leaders were discussed.

Guest: None

III. Old Business:

USA University Club- Has requested the committee be merged with administration efforts to include faculty, administration and staff. Discussion continued concerning the future role of faculty and faculty senate.
Update on facility- encouraged senators to see the progress.

Academic Policy and Faculty Handbook - (I.Z. Brown). Changes noted
by senators regarding grade grievance. Policy was approved.

IV. New Business:

V. Reports from standing committees

Salary and Fringe Benefits-Michael Doran/ Jean Irion:

Discussed a “Health Assessment Questionnaire” from Blue Cross and Blue Shield which would identify possible health issues of clients ( USA members) and increase education of those issues for the client via mail. Committee is awaiting approval of incentive, possibly a $25.00 for completing the survey. Privacy concerns were voiced by some senators with result of additional information being requested by the committee.

Environmental Quality-Susan Santoli: No report.

Other standing committees:

Academic Development and Mentoring (B. Beverly):

Report of the Academic Development and Mentoring Program Committee, Jan. 17, 2007

The committee will plan to meet soon to address the following:

1. We received fewer than 5 responses in an attempt to get anonymous feedback regarding New Faculty Orientation. The committee, however, will review these comments.

2. Dr. Covey's office was contacted in October regarding New Faculty Orientation evaluations by participants. This feedback, de-identified and/or summarized, was requested for our review and discussion. Brenda Beverly will attempt to contact Nicole Cohron in that office again to obtain this.

3. Alla Zakharova shared a summary of evaluations by participants of the PETAL program. The committee will review this information.

4. The committee planned to redress issues of faculty mentoring after some fact finding. Brenda Beverly will continue to try to access information regarding concrete mentoring programs within educational systems to share with committee members.

Brenda L. Beverly, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Evaluation (T. Hain): Affirmative Action Document discussed. Fine tuned faculty survey. Addressing issues of privacy and how to assure faculty of privacy in their responses. Possible solution is to have caucus leaders discuss issue with their constituents.

Planning & Development (N.Flynn) : No report.

Technology Utilization (Kristy Britt): Discussed a technology fair for faculty and if there was interest. Survey may cover this issue. Still reviewing the personal clickers for classroom usage.

Caucus Leaders Reports

Allied Health (Bob Moore): No report

Arts & Sciences (Tony Wright):

Computer & Information Sciences (Thomas Hain): No report.

Continuing Education (Stephen Bru): No report.

Education (John Sachs): No report

Engineering (Nicholas Sylvester): No report.

Library (Dennis Guion): No report.

Medicine (Gary Carnahan): No report.

Mitchell College of Business (Matthew Joseph): Nearly all of the new building is completed for the new Learning Resource Center for theMitchell College of Business.

Nursing (Karen Hamilton): No report.

VI. Adjourned at 4:21