Paralegal Studies Certificate Program

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Designed to give you the skills needed to assist attorneys in day-to-day firm management and case preparations.


Certificate Requirements

There are no requirements, including University admission, for entering the paralegal studies certificate program and students can begin their certificate during any term of the year.

Program Format

To successfully complete the requirements of the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program, students must:

  • Complete nine required courses
  • Complete seven elective courses
  • Complete the required course work within five years

All classes meet one night per week for two to three hours, depending on the course or instructor, and most do not start prior to 6 p.m. 

Program Rotation

Courses are offered in the rotation shown below, however, the schedule of classes could be altered as a result of instructor conflicts or availability, needs of a large number of program students, or the addition of new courses. Students should always review the latest catalog for classes available each term. 

Fall 1                                                        Winter 1

Introduction to Paralegal Studies*           Civil Procedure* 
Legal Research & Writing*                       Probate Law                                                                                  Contract Law

Spring 1                                                    Summer 1

Evidence*                                                  Torts
Legal Business Organizations                   Workman's Compensation Law

Fall 2                                                         Winter 2

Criminal Law*                                            Discovery* 
Elder Law                                                  Real Property Law
Technology in Court                                 Medical Records Review for Paralegals

Spring 2                                                    Summer 2

Ethics*                                                      Law Practice Management* 
Family Law                                               Environmental Law
Social Security & Disability Law

Paralegal Scholarship Opportunities

Bruce McCall Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Paralegal Studies

The Bruce McCall Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Paralegal Studies was established to assist students entering or enrolled in the USA Special Courses Paralegal Studies Certificate Program. This annually awarded scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students demonstrating high academic achievement to receive financial assistance toward completing program course work.

2017 Bruce McCall Scholarship Application

Taylor-Martino Endowed Scholarship for Paralegal Studies

The Taylor-Martino Endowed Scholarship in Paralegal Studies has been created through a generous contribution of the legal firm Taylor Martino. This scholarship will be awarded to students from Mobile and surrounding counties who demonstrate high academic achievement in previous coursework in the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program. Only students currently enrolled in the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program may apply for this scholarship.

2017 Taylor-Martino Scholarship Application

Additional Information

To apply, send completed application form and the $40 non-refundable certificate fee.

Attendance Policy

Students MUST attend 80% of all class meetings within a course unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. Maximum of excused absences per course will depend on the length of the course. Each instructor will notify students of number of excused absences allowable for their course in writing as part of the course syllabus.


The USA Center for Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is not sufficient enrollment. Should a course be canceled after you enroll, you may transfer to another class or receive a full refund. Decisions to cancel a course based on enrollment are made typically three business days prior to the course start date, see course description for specific cancellation details. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal. Decisions to cancel your registration must be received by 5 p.m. at least three business days prior to the start of your class. Refund requests received after this will not be granted.