The Interfraternity Council

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The Interfraternity Council, also known as IFC, is the governing body for fraternities on campus. The IFC is responsible for creating policies, promoting academic excellence, and planning formal recruitment and other activities for the fraternities.
IFC has its own executive board comprised of members from various fraternities. IFC unites all fraternities regardless of individual affiliation. Each chapter has a delegate and assistant delegate to represent their chapter on the council.


Exec Board 2015


2015 Interfraternity Council Executive Board (Pictured left to right): Shelby Cauthen, Benjamin Swain, Tyler Sayers, Scott McGallagher, Joseph Raebel, Joshua Anderson, Nicholas Blakley, and Zachary Charlton. 



IFC strives to educate its membership, promote harmony among individual chapters and further individual members.

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KAO Kappa Sigma Pike
Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Chi TKE
Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Omega