Recruitment Counselors

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Assistance during the Recruitment process is offered by a group of sorority women specifically selected from each chapter on campus. We call these women Pi Chis. They have been selected carefully and are trained for their role as your listener, role model, cheerleader, fashion coordinator, confidant, coach, and friend. They are able to give you advice in all aspects of sorority and campus life. These women are here for you! We encourage you to utilize them as your resource to Greek Life on campus.

During the summer, Recruitment Counselors disaffiliate themselves from their own sorority, and work together from a Panhellenic perspective. They have no contact with their sorority affiliation during the week of Recruitment, and you will not learn of their affiliation until Bid Day.

Each of you will be a part of a Pi Chi group led by a Recruitment Counselor. You will meet with this group throughout the week of Recruitment and this is a great way to start building friendships with the other girls in your Pi Chi group.