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1. Are first year students required to live on-campus?

No. At this time, first-year students are not required to live on-campus. However, recent research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages, are more likely to graduate, and are more likely to pursue an advanced degree (American Council on Education). For more reasons to live on campus, see our Why Live On Campus page.

2. Are graduate students eligible for campus housing?

Yes! Graduate students are definitely eligible to live on campus.

3. Can I change my housing room choices after my contract was submitted?

Yes! Send an email to with your full name, Jag Number, and your new ranking of room choices. The priority deadline to receive revised housing room choices is April 30th.

4. Do you have family/married housing on campus?

No, we are not able to offer family/married housing on campus.

5. If I apply for summer housing, am I automatically enrolled for the fall?

No. We would love to have you on campus for the fall semester, but you would need to complete and submit a separate contract for fall/spring academic year.

6. If I want to apply for Fall semester only, can I do that?

No. The only contract available for fall semester is for the academic year (both fall and spring semesters).

7. If I answered something incorrectly on my Housing Contract, can I change it?

Yes! Email your revisions to including your full name and Jag Number. The priority deadline for revisions is April 30th.

8. What is a "Summer Contract"?

A "Summer Contract" is a one semester contract for summer only.

9. What is an "Academic Year" Contract?

An "Academic Year" contract is a two semester contract consisting of both Fall & Spring semesters.

10. What rooms are available?

The list of available rooms changes depending on the number of current residents who intend to return to housing next year and the number of new students who have applied by the time your contract is submitted. When applying for housing, rank your choices assuming everything is available. Our assignment process is one that gives Spring semester residents first priority and then we start making assignments with the first contract received.

11. What type of housing did I apply for?

If you submitted your contract online, you should have automatically received an electronic copy via your University email (JagMail). If you are unable to locate your electronic copy, you may email requesting a copy of your contract (include your full name and Jag Number).

12. When should I apply for housing?

As soon as possible! Room assignments are made based off of the order in which we receive your contract. So the sooner we receive your contract, the better chance you have of getting one of your top choices of rooms. Housing contracts for the next academic year are usually made available online around mid-October.

13. When will I know if I have a space?

USA Housing & Dining offers guaranteed on-campus housing to all admitted students who's Housing Contract and $150 Prepayment has been received by May 1st. For all housing contracts received by May 1st, students will be notified of their room assignment by University email (JagMail) the first week of June. Contracts received after May 1st through June 30th will be assigned by mid-July.  Room assignments will be made as needed until check-in.

14. Where can I view the contract terms and conditions?

If you submitted your contract online, you should have automatically received an electronic copy via your University email (JagMail). The terms and conditions will be included in your electronic copy. If you are unable to locate your electronic copy, you may email requesting a copy of your contract (include your full name and Jag Number).

15. What browser should I use when applying for housing online?

You may be using the wrong Internet browser. Be sure you're using either Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Firefox as these are the only browsers the online Housing application process in PAWS supports.

16. When do I need to apply in order to be guaranteed housing?

USA Housing & Dining offers guaranteed on-campus housing to all admitted students who's Housing Contract and $150 Prepayment has been received by May 1st.

1. Do you communicate with parents?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is designed to protect the privacy of a student's educational records. These confidential records include information pertaining to Housing, and will not generally be released without written consent from the student, though there are certain exceptions to the general rule.

You may authorize us to release information from your education records by submitting a signed Authorization to Release Information Form to the Housing & Dining Business Office.

For more information on the University of South Alabama's FERPA policy and the confidentiality of USA student education records, please review The Lowdown - USA's Student Handbook where this policy is published annually.

2. How does on-campus mail work?

Please see our Mail Services page.

3. How will I receive my housing assignment?

Your assignment notification will be e-mailed to your University e-mail account (JagMail).

4. How will Housing & Dining communicate with me?

Housing & Dining will send emails periodically to your University email account (JagMail) throughout the year notifying you of various housing events and information including, but not limited to: room change period, hall closing information, when to sign-up for housing next year, etc..

5. How can I find out important dates and deadlines?

Visit USA's Academic Calendar page to see the most current residence hall schedule including opening and closing dates. All other dates (room change periods, room selection, etc.) will be announced to students in advance via University email (JagMail) and social media.

Still can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to call us at 251-460-6185 or email us.

6. Who should I contact with problems or concerns?

1. How can I find out how to be a Resident Assistant?

For more information on the Resident Assistant selection process, please visit our Employment Opportunities page.

2. How/when do I apply for housing next year?

Current residents have a unique opportunity each year to participate in USA Housing & Dining's Room Registration process. This gives current residents first choice of any space available and they are assigned before any new housing applicant! To learn more about how to live here another year, including the complete schedule and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Room Registration page.

3. How do I move out?

Please see our Move-Out page for the information and resources needed.

4. How do I request a room change?

Please refer to our Assignment Changes page for the information and resources needed.

5. What TV channels can I get on campus?

Please see our Cable Services page for a complete channel line-up.

6. Where can I find more information about employment with your department?

Please see our Employment Opportunities page for a listing of all student positions within our department, including job descriptions and applications.

7. Where do I go for help?

If you are already an on-campus resident, you should contact your community office either by visiting the office or by phone.

8. Who do parents contact for help?

Once your student has moved on-campus, you should contact the Community Director within the community where your student resides. Click here for all office community phone numbers. The Community Director is a graduate-professional, live-in staff member who supervises the community. He or she can help you with your concern regarding your student, or refer you to an appropriate person.

9. Who do I contact with Maintenance/Facilities problems?

We're here to help! You can always call the Housing Facilities Call Center at 251-460-7655. If your maintenance problem is an emergency, such as a dead elevator, toilet running over, power out, or an extremely hot or cold room, you should call your Community Office where you will reach someone 24/7.

1. How do I pay the balance of my housing charge, once my assignment has been made, over the web?

  • Click on Enter Secure Area
  • Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Click on Student Records
  • Click Student Account Access - Please make sure your browser's pop up blocker is disabled for this website.

2. Does Housing & Dining have a payment plan?

The University uses the Deferred Payment Plan offered through USA's Credit Union.

3. How can I use my financial aid to pay for housing?

If you are paying your housing and meal plan with financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships), and you have met all financial aid eligibility requirements, your aid will be applied to your USA bill after drop/add. If you are due a financial aid refund and signed up for Electronic Direct Deposit in time, the refund will be electronically deposited to your checking account within 14 business days after being applied to the student account. Be sure and verify the deposit at your bank before writing any checks against the refund. If you do not participate in Electronic Direct Deposit, a refund check will be mailed to your permanent home address within fourteen business days following the credit to your USA student account.

If you are a financial aid recipient and have a balance due to the University, the amount and payment deadline will appear on the statement of account the University will mail to you at your permanent address. All students are responsible for paying any balance due by the published deadlines even if a statement of account is not received. Account information is available at ENTER SECURE AREA or at the Office of Student Accounting, Room 1300, Meisler Hall. For more information, please contact the Student Accounting Office.

4. What do I do if my financial aid will not be dispersed before the payment deadline?

If your financial aid will not be dispersed before the deadline for the full payment of tuition, housing, and meal plans, you have a few options. You may choose to pay out of pocket and let financial aid reimburse you. You may use the University's Credit Union to get a loan and let financial aid reimburse you. Or you may also request a deferment by contacting the Student Accounting Office. If you have additional questions, please contact Student Accounting or the Housing & Dining Business Manager, Mike Havard (251-460-6185).

5. When is rent due?

The full amount for tuition, housing room, and meal plan is typically due by the 3rd business day of the week prior to classes each semester. To learn the exact day this will fall, please visit USA's Academic Calendar.

6. How do I pay my rent?

You may pay your rent online in PAWS or by phone with a credit card. You may pay by cash, check, or credit card by visiting our Housing & Dining Business Office (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM). And you may also send your payment by mail (find our address on our Contact Us page). All major forms of credit cards are accepted.

7. How much does it cost to apply for Housing?

All Housing Contracts must be accompanied by a $150.00 housing prepayment. An original Housing Contract and prepayment must be submitted together regardless of the method the contract was submitted (online, mail, etc.). This prepayment will be applied to the cost of your room for the contract term's first semester.

8. How do I cancel my Housing contract? How much does it cost?

Please see our Cancellations & Withdrawals page for complete details.
A guest is defined as any person who is not assigned to your room. Residents are expected to talk with their roommate(s) in advance and agree on guests, overnight stays, and other visitation issues. Housing staff is available to assist residents with these conversations and to support residents in maintaining their safety and comfort.

Guests, including residents from other residence hall rooms, are permitted during the approved University visitation hours:
  • Sunday-Thursday 10:00AM - 12:00AM (midnight) and Friday-Saturday 10:00AM-2:00AM
  • A maximum of three guests are allowed per resident per visit at any time during visitation hours.

A residential student is permitted to have a guest of the same gender stay overnight in his/her room for a maximum of 48 hours if that guest is registered with and approved by the Community Director in advance.
  • Only one guest is permitted per room per overnight stay.
  • A resident must have written consent from his/her roommate prior to permitting an overnight guest and prior to use of the roommate's bed for a guest.
  • To register an overnight guest, residents must complete an Overnight Guest Request form.
Please Note: Children under the age of 17 are not allowed to remain in the residence halls overnight except under special circumstances and with the approval of the respective Area Coordinator. Students with unregistered guests may be subject to the Housing Judicial Process and assessed a per-night charge for the guest; likewise, the guest may be removed from the residence halls.

All guests/visitors are required to have official photo identification (i.e., drivers licenses, state id, University id) with them at all times and present it to University officials upon request. While in a residence hall, guests must comply with all University and Housing policies and community standards, as well as all applicable federal and state laws. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests and may be subject to financial and other sanctions through the Housing Judicial Process and/or University judiciary system, as well as the legal system if the community standard for guests is violated. Furthermore, residents are encouraged to be with/escort their guest(s) the entire time they are within the residential community. Guests may not be left unattended in a room without prior written permission from the Area Coordinator. Guests who violate visitation hours may be subject to trespass warrants or other action taken by the USA Police Department. Guests may also lose the privilege of visiting the USA residence hall communities. Housing & Dining reserves the right to amend or revoke visitation within each residence hall community.

All Residence Hall lots are closed to non-resident vehicles when visiting hours have ended: Sunday-Thursday, 12:00AM (midnight), and Friday-Saturday 2:00AM Non-resident vehicles found in the residence hall lots after hours, including Gamma and Fraternity/Sorority lots, are subject to towing unless the guest is registered and approved by the Community Director.
Each new student accepted for admission must submit, prior to registration, completed Immunization Forms provided by the USA Student Health Center. Click here to download the Immunization policy and form from Student Health. All students, regardless of age, must complete and return the Immunization Form to be reviewed for compliance. This includes documented proof of two doses of a measles containing vaccine (rubeola, MR, MMR). One dose must have been after 1980 and at least one of the doses must have been an MMR. You may provide documented immunity to the measles, mumps, and rubella in lieu of the vaccine.

Additionally, all new incoming students must complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. Further testing may be necessary.

All students living in the residence halls and The Grove must provide proof of having received the Meningitis vaccine at the age of 16 or after.

You will be at risk of not being able to register for classes, if this requirement is not completed. Submit your Immunization Form and documented proof to the USA Student Health Center. We recommend that you start this process early and prior to your orientation session.

Please email all immunization forms/records to:
Student Health is no longer accepting faxed or mailed documents.
Meal Plan Change Requests will be accepted through Friday at 5PM of the second week of classes, each semester. To request a change, please email with your full name, Jag Number, and the exact name of the meal plan you are wishing to change to. You can find the full list of residential meal plans by visiting our Rates page.

Please Note: Freshmen, sophomore and ESL students are required to purchase an all-access plan. Junior, senior, and graduate students may choose any plan. Meal plan request will not be processed if you have requested a plan you do not qualify for. Meal plans will be pro-rated after the first week of classes. Your Jag card will be updated within forty-eight (48) business hours of your request being processed.

1. Can I change rooms before arriving?

Potentially, yes. There is usually one Room Change Period offered online in PAWS each summer before students move in for fall semester. Please see our Assignment Changes page for more details.

2. Can I change/request a roommate after I've submitted my contract?

Yes! We recommend you go ahead and submit your housing contract as soon as possible since assignments are made based off of the order in which we receive your contract. Once you find someone you wish to room with, both you and your potential roommate should submit a written request to the Housing & Dining assignments team containing that person's full name AND Jag Number (J00...). This can be accomplished on your housing contract (if you have not yet submitted) or by sending an e-mail to

ONLY MUTUAL REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED. We will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, roommate requests cannot be guaranteed. Please submit your contracts and/or requests as soon as possible--the priority deadline for roommate requests is April 30. After this date space is limited and it may not be possible to be placed together.

3. Can I see my room (or one like it) before I move in?

All housing tours are conducted through the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. The campus tour will give you the opportunity to see inside New Hall, our newest addition to the on-campus housing community. New Hall is one of three halls on campus designated for all freshmen students.

The summer is a busy time for University housing. Unfortunately, due to summer housing residency, summer camps & conferences residency, and various facilities projects preparing for Fall Move-In, The only tour room available is located in New Hall. Please see our six residential community pages to view floor plans, photos, and various features and amenities

If you are interested in touring our beautiful campus, please visit USA's campus tour page to get more information and schedule your visit today!

4. Could my roommate/room assignment change before I arrive on campus?

Once you've been assigned, your room type will not change unless you request a change. However, your building, room number, and roommate may change up through Check-In due to several circumstances such as cancellations, room change requests, etc.

5. How are room assignments made?

Room assignments are made according to the order we receive your contract. Once it's time for your contract to be processed, your assignment will be made based off of the list of room preferences submitted with your contract beginning with the first and working to the last until an available space is found for your assignment.

6. How are roommates matched?

If you do not request a specific roommate by April 30th, roommates will begin to be matched at random by gender and the type of space they have requested.

7. What are Learning Communities?

Please see our Learning Communities page for complete details.

8. When will I get my room/roommate assignment?

For all housing contracts received by May 1st, students will be notified of their room assignment by University email (JagMail) the first week of June. Contracts received after May 1st through June 30th will be assigned by mid-July.  Room assignments will be made as needed until check-in.

9. How do I view my room and roommate assignment information?

Visit the following link:
  • Select Enter Secure Area
  • Enter your Jag # and Pin
  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Select Housing
  • Select View Room/Meal Plan Assignment and Roommate Information
Students will use USA's Personal Access Web System (PAWS) to apply for Housing after they have been accepted to the University.

1. How do I log on to PAWS the first time?

Once you receive your acceptance letter in the mail, you will use the personalized Jag Number (J00...) provided in the letter to log-in to PAWS and apply for Housing. Your initial PAWS PIN is your birth date (mmddyy). As you log in the first time, you will be prompted to create a new 6-digit PIN. This is the PIN you will use for subsequent logins. All initial PINS are expired, and first-time users will be forced to set a new PIN:

Type your birth date as the old PIN (mmddyy)
Type a new 6-digit Number for your new PIN
Type the new 6-digit PIN again for verification.

PINs are exactly 6-digits - no letters or characters allowed. And remember, never share your PIN with others!

2. What Internet browser should I use?

PAWS supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox.

3. Where do I go in PAWS to apply for Housing?

Visit the following link:

  • Select Apply for Housing
  • Enter your Jag # and Pin
  • Select Student Services
  • Select Housing
  • Select Apply for University Housing

4. What do I do if I forgot my PAWS pin or my account becomes disabled?

As a PAWS user, you can reset your own PIN, provided you have set up your Security Question and Answer. Here is what to do if you cannot remember your PIN Number:

  • On the PAWS login page (where you enter your JAG Number and PIN), type your JAG Number first (you will get an "authorization Failure" error if you skip this step!)
  • Click the Forgot PIN? button (located just below where you enter your JAG Number and PIN.
  • You will be asked to provide the correct answer to your security question.
  • When you submit the correct security answer, you must immediately reset your PIN to a six-digit number.

If your PAWS web access becomes disabled, submit a PAWS PIN Reset Request Form to the Office of the Registrar with valid photo ID in order to have your PIN reset. Once your PIN has been reset, follow the instructions for an initial login.

5. What if I forgot or lost my JAG Number?

The Registrar's Office can provide your Jag Number if you forget it. You will be required to submit a Jag Number Disclosure Request Form to the Registrar's Office during business hours. You must present a valid photo ID (Drivers License, State Non-drivers ID, or Passport) with your request or fax the completed request form with a photocopy of your valid ID to (251) 460-7738, Attention PAWS Help. The PAWS Help desk will provide your Jag Number to a telephone number or email address that you provide.
All housing tours are conducted through the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. The campus tour will give you the opportunity to see inside New Hall, our newest addition to the on-campus housing community. New Hall is one of three halls on campus designated for all freshmen students. If you are interested in touring our beautiful campus, please visit USA's campus tour page to get more information and schedule your visit today!

Campus Tour Times:
Campus Tours are offered year-round.
Monday through Friday at 10:00AM and 2:00PM
Tours are not available on University holidays.


What is SPRING - SUMMER Transition Day?
This is the day where students staying currently residing on campus for Spring and staying for Summer will move into their assigned Summer semester room. 

When is Spring - Summer Transition Day?
Transition Days are not guaranteed and, when available, may vary by building or community depending on the availability to complete such a transition. Please monitor your email or check with your Community Office to determine if transitioning is an option for you.



What is Summer - Fall Transition Day?
This is the day where students staying currently residing on campus for Summer and staying for Fall will move into their assigned Fall semester room.

When is Summer - Fall Transition Day?
Transition Days may vary by building or community. Please check with your Community Office to determine your specific transition date. 


1. Are microwaves provided? What size should I bring?

A microwave is provided only in Delta 6. In all other halls, you may choose to personalize your space with your own choice of microwave. Currently there are no limitations of size or wattage of the microwave you choose to bring. Roommates: it may be helpful to discuss microwave plans prior to arrival.

2. Can I bring a refrigerator of my own? What size?

Refrigerators are provided in all rooms/suites/apartments (varying sizes). Students are allowed to bring additional refrigerators. The size depends on where you plan to store the unit. If you plan to store the fridge under your bed, it will need to be under 30" in height (that's the maximum amount of space achieved if the bed is positioned at its tallest height without a loft).

3. Can I stay in my room/apartment during semester breaks and holidays?

Yes! The residence halls never close for residents who have an active housing contract. You will only need to check-out of your space at the end of your contract term.

Please Note: Please see Transition Day under FAQ for more information on breaks between semesters.

4. Can we bunk our beds?

Yes! All extra-long twin beds in the residence halls are capable of being bunked. Once you arrive, contact the Housing Facilities Call Center at (251) 460-7655 to request bed-bunking service. This service is provided free of charge.

5. How are the rooms furnished?

Every student room is furnished with a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, & closet or wardrobe per student. For specific sizes and measurements per room type, please see our Standard Room Furnishings page. Please Note: All furniture must stay in your room. Removing any furniture from your room may result in a charge.

6. How and when do I move in?

Please see our Move-In page for the information and resources needed.

7. How does parking work?

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on the USA campus is required to register his/her vehicle with Parking Services and obtain a valid parking permit. The parking permit must be displayed from the rear view mirror facing outward. Displaying it in any other location is considered a violation. Parking permits are valid for one academic year. Students must be registered for classes to be eligible for a STUDENT parking permit. Class registration may take up to 24 hours to update in the parking system.

Please Note: New email accounts are updated nightly in the parking system. Please wait one day after obtaining your JagMail account before ordering your parking permit. Visit the Parking Services site for more information and access to your parking services online account.

8. Is smoking allowed?

The use of all forms of tobacco products and nicotine products and smoking on all property owned (structures, land and vehicles), and/or in the possession of (leased, and rented by), the University of South Alabama is prohibited. This policy is applicable for all students, faculty, staff, temporary/contract employees, contractors, patients and visitors.

Tobacco products include any products containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, etc. Nicotine products include any products containing nicotine for human consumption used in any type of electronic smoking device including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes and vaping. Also prohibited are hookah products used to product smoke and/or vapor from the burning of tobacco, shisha and other plant matter.

Smoking includes inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated tobacco, marijuana or plant product whether natural or synthetic, intended for inhalation. Cessation products specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in treating nicotine or tobacco dependence are excluded. Note: Personally owned vehicles are excluded. Students who violate this community standard may be subject to the Housing Judicial Process. You can find out more about the policy and cessation programs at this website:

9. Is there a telephone in my room?

There are no telephones provided in residence hall rooms. You will be able to find courtesy phones located in each community, including phones in each community office.

10. May I cook in my room? What appliances are allowed in my room?

Conventional cooking is limited to spaces that have a built-in kitchen/kitchenette (Beta, Gamma 5-9, Delta 6 apartments and Greek chapter houses in the kitchen facilities only). This limits the following conventional cooking appliances to the above spaces: toaster ovens, electric fryers, electric grills, and all appliances with auto shut off, etc..

The following appliances are able to be used by ALL residents as long as the appliance has an automatic shut-off feature: pop-up toasters, rice steamers, crock pots, electric kettles (without an open element), and coffee pots.

Please see the Community Standards page for the entire "Cooking" Community Standard.

11. May I have a pet?

The only pets permitted in the residence halls are harmless varieties of fish. No other pets are allowed on either a permanent or visitation basis (i.e. no cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards, etc.). If a pet is found in the residence halls, it must be removed immediately; otherwise it may be removed by the local animal control authorities at the expense of the student. Please see the Community Standards page for the entire "Pets" Community Standard. 

12. May I raise my bed in my room?

All beds are adjustable in height. You can raise them all the way to the top of the frame, or as low as the floor...your preference! The bed frame can be positioned almost up to the 3' mark (36"). However, it is at what most consider to be "normal height" when it is positioned 2' from the ground. If you have it positioned at the maximum height, you should be able to achieve approximately 30" of space below the bed frame. Because of the wide range of available height adjustment for each bed frame, other forms of risers (including store bought versions or cinder blocks) are not permitted in any of the residence halls.

Lofting options are available for rent through College Products at! They deliver all ordered products to campus. When your order is placed by August 1st, your items will even be delivered to your room! This vendor meets University safety criteria. Using a loft from College Products will allow you even more options to personalize the space in your room. When beds are lofted, you can achieve enough space beneath your bed to place your desk and dresser, or even a futon! Please see the "Furniture" on our Community Standards page for more information.

13. May I store my bicycle in my room?

Yes, a bicycle may be stored in your room as long as it does not block the exits and it is acceptable to your roommate(s).

Otherwise, all bikes should be locked to a bike rack outside. Also, please note that all bicycles must be registered with the USA Police Department (251-460-6312). Bicycle registration may be completed online without charge by clicking here. Students will be contacted once permit is ready for pick-up. All bicycles that are not properly registered with USAPD and/or bicycles that are locked to anything other than the provided bike racks are subject to immediate removal and disposal by Housing & Dining Staff.

Please see the Community Standards page for the full "Bicycle" Community Standard.

14. What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are members of the Residence Life staff. Your RA is a paraprofessional staff member who has been trained to assist residents, support hall operations, build community, uphold University policy, and address emergency situations. RA's serve as information resources, peer advisors, programmers, and student leaders, but mainly they are there to help their residential students make the most of their University experience. Residents should go to their RA with roommate conflicts and other concerns. In the case of an emergency, there is an RA On-Duty in each residential community after office hours and on weekends who can be contacted by calling your Community Office. For information on other members of the Residence Life staff, please see the Employment Opportunities page.

15. What safety and security measures do you have?

We take the safety and security of our residents very seriously and have a number of measures in place to protect them. At any given time, there is at least 1 Resident Assistant, 1 Community Director, and 1 Area Coordinator that serve in an on-call capacity to residents who may be locked out of their rooms, experiencing roommate or facilities concerns, or other emergency issues (365/24/7). Swipe card access is used on all exterior doors of Epsilon 1, Epsilon 2, New Hall, and Stokes Hall, as well. All room doors use traditional keys.

The University of South Alabama Police Department (USAPD) is also located in the residential community. They can be found in the front of the Beta/Gamma Commons off of Stadium Blvd. They have officers specifically assigned to housing in order to establish more of a presence with the residents and a community feel.

16. What should I bring for my room? What should I leave at home?

Please see our complete list of suggestions for what to bring and what to leave at home by visiting our What to Bring page.

17. What size sheets do I need?

It depends on which size bed is provided in your assigned room; to learn what size bed comes with your room, please visit our Standard Room Furnishings page.

18. Will I have access to cable TV?

Yes! All University residence halls are wired for cable television service. However, it will be necessary for students to supply a cable cord (coaxial cable) to connect the television to the wall. Your housing contract includes this all digital cable service. Please see our Cable Services page for more information, including a complete channel line-up.

19. Will I have access to Internet?

Yes! Every residence hall room has a wired Ethernet port. You may use the open wall port in your room for your wired devices. Network cables can be obtained from your Community Office or by calling the USA Computer Services Center. You will have the opportunity to establish a wireless network in your room by purchasing/ providing the wireless router of your choice. See our Internet Services page for recommended products and specifications. Unlimited access to the wired network connection and broadband internet is included in your housing contract. For information on how to report any issues with your service, please also see our Internet Service page.