USA NRHH Announces April OTM Winners

POSTED ON TUES, 06/10/2014 - 10:05AM

NRHHMobile, AL - USA's National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is pleased to recognize our April 2014 Of The Month (OTM) winners (below)! While we are late in sharing this recognition, this group is notable as they are the last OTM winners from the 2013-2014 academic year. Please congratulate these winners as you see them! 

Student of the Month 
Tommie Owens - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "Tommie goes out of his way to help others, meet new people, and talk to everyone. Although he has been in a wheelchair due to recent medical complications, he has not complained about having to get around campus and still goes out of his way to make others happy with his sweet personality and smile. He has assisted with several campus activities such as the Sustainability Council's Adopt-a-Spot and many residential hall activities. He represents the qualities of a South Alabama Jaguar by always trying to be involved and making everyone feel welcome. He never has anything bad to say about anyone and always compliments others. I feel like he really deserves recognition for all he does." 

Spotlight of the Month
Trenton Howard - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "Mr. Trent is is one of the chief supervisors at the Fresh Food Company. Mr. Trent is an outstanding person because he goes above and beyond his job requirements. Mr. Trent goes out of his way to make sure everyone that goes to the dining hall has a good experience. If there is ever a problem, you can tell Mr. Trent knowing that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Mr. Trent is the type of person who enforces all the rules but still understands how to be friendly and respectful while doing so. Mr. Trent always has a smile on his face and he loves his job." 

Resident Assistant Of The Month
Kenneth Jones - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "Kenneth "Kenny" Jones is an outstanding Resident Assistant. Kenny has sacrificed many hours to put in extra work for his residents and his community. Kenny has been a great asset to the New Hall community! Kenny goes above and beyond to know each of his residents as well as other residents of surrounding communities. Kenny has put on some outstanding programs this year. However, there was a time when Kenny was faced to collaborate on a program with another RA, who was very difficult to work with. I remember Kenny sharing insight with me on the situation and how he persevered through the situation because it was for the good of the residents. I do believe Kenny should be recognized for his overachieving efforts and awesome character! :-)" 

Staff Member Of The Month
Rosemarie Gibbs (from the Caf) - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "Ms. Rose is the sweetest woman! She greets everyone with a smile as they walk in, and instead of quickly getting students through the line with no words spoken, she takes her time and asks every student how he or she is doing. It's so evident that she truly cares about the students she serves. Her sweet smile and kind words are such an encouragement during stressful times of the semester. Thank you for being you, Ms. Rose!" 

Executive Board Member Of The Month
Shamar Burch - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "Shamar is one of the most energetic, hard-working, and welcoming people I have ever met! You only have to know him for a few minutes to know that you've got a friend in him. He is an Executive Board Member for RHA and NRHH, and he displays such a love for our campus and a desire to see it improve. Thank you so much for being awesome, Shamar!" 

Organization Of The Month
Baptist Campus Ministries - Here are some of the great things said about this OTM winner: "The Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) have such an encouraging impact on our campus. The BCM hosts many events that range from Bible studies, game nights, a campus Easter egg hunt, waffle and/or coffee days, tacky formals, and literal hang-outs in enos all around campus, and the best part is that all of these things are open to the public and free for anyone! Earlier in the month, the BCM hosted a campus-wide blood drive, where they exceeded LifeSouth's expectations with the number of donors! The BCM also helps mold students into leaders through leadership programs, service opportunities, and mission trips. The BCM is a very influential campus organization that helps students get involved." 

Know a group, program, or individual who deserves recognition for a job well done? Nominate them for an “Of the Month Award"! PLEASE NOTE: Awards are put on hold throughout the summer semester. The next deadline for nominations will be September 3rd @ 11:59PM (for August OTM Recognition). SUBMIT your nomination ONLINE by visiting our Recognition page. 

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