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Room Registration is USA's program for current residents to return to University housing for the next academic year. Room Registration is easy & convenient, since everything will be done online in PAWS! To be successful at Room Registration just follow these simple steps:
  1. Apply on time – You can't participate in Room Registration if you miss the deadline. The Room Registration schedule assigns your registration window based on your current class standing. Familiarize yourself with the timeline in advance so you'll have every opportunity to be successful!
  2. Know your options – USA Housing has a wide variety of residence halls, room types & communities. Visit the Housing website to see what is available & what suits your needs. Be prepared to choose your top housing preferences without hesitation.
  3. Have a plan – Know how the system works. If you have specific roommates in mind for next year, coordinate with them in advance about housing choices & which one is going to register first to obtain the "Roommate Code." Be familiar with the steps for the system to obtain a "Roommate Code." It's a good idea to have a list of alternative options that are acceptable to you (& your roommates) in case your first choices are not available.
  4. Follow through – Once you have a plan, follow through on it. Know when your housing selection window is. Be sure to confirm your reservation by making your $150 prepayment by the deadline.
We've tried to make Room Registration simple while still giving all of our returning residents as many options & choices as possible. You need to be informed to be successful, so take some time to read through the brochures below. If you have questions, just contact the Housing Business Office at (251) 460-6185 or We're happy to help!
Room Registration Schedule
The schedule below is from Spring 2014. Please check back late November for 2015-16 schedule.
Monday, February 10th - Thursday, February 13th
(beginning at 8:00 AM)
(NOTE: If you do not register for your same space by Thursday, February 21st your space may not be available)
Friday, February 14th - Sunday, February 16th
(beginning at 8:00 AM)
Monday, February 17th - Wednesday, February 19th
(beginning at 8:00 AM)
Thursday, February 20th - Sunday, February 23rd
(beginning at 8:00 AM)
Monday, February 24th - Friday, February 28th
(beginning at 8:00 AM)
Why Choose USA Housing?
  • Resources. Easy access to Residence Life staff & Maintenance (available 24/7)
  • It’s hassle free! Rates include campus post office box, electric, water/sewer, heat/air, expanded basic cable TV, Ethernet & Wireless Internet access, garbage service, pest control, 24/7 maintenance response service, accommodation furnishings, and unlimited access to laundry facilities.
  • Better Business. 9-month, individual contracts, rent billed to university student account, no extra rent to pay if your roommate leaves, & contract release available for semester away or December graduation (see contract for details).
  • Community. Make friends that last a lifetime!
  • Leadership Opportunities. Residence Hall Association, clubs, & student position possibilities.
  • No car required. Close walk to classes & Free JagTran transportation service The food! Eat healthier, we do the cooking!
  • Graduation. Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to graduate
  • The college experience! Once you graduate, it’s gone!