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When you submit your housing contract you will probably notice that we don't ask questions about your personality, style, religion, major, likes/dislikes, etc. Research has shown that the answers to these questions don't significantly improve the odds of roommate success.

Developing a good Roommate Relationship is about more than what classes you're taking, whether you're an early bird or a night owl, or how messy you think you might be on a scale of 1 - 10. So we stick to the question that research says does matter – do you smoke. After that, all roommate assignments are random, based solely on the date the contract was received and the type of room(s) you listed as preferred.

We value the diversity of our students and their experiences. Communities develop best when people with different thoughts, opinions, and values get together and share themselves with one another. Does conflict arise? Sometimes, but hopefully out of that conflict is born compromise, understanding, respect, and an expanded world view. USA Housing & Residence Life does offer a Facebook group called the Jaguar Roommate Connection in an effort to provide students with the ability to connect with one another and spark conversation prior to April 30 (priority deadline for roommate requests) each year.

New Student Roommate Requests
So you know who you want to live with? No problem. If you really want to live with your high school BFF, sibling or someone you met at Orientation, we can help you do that.

If you submit your contract online in PAWS or on paper, there is a space for you to indicate a specific roommate. You will need to know the correct spelling of that person's full name (no nicknames) and their correct Jag number (student #). Simply listing a roommate request does not guarantee that you will be assigned together. Roommates must both be admitted to USA at the time of assignment and be the same gender. Additionally, all roommate requests must be mutual - you each must have requested the other. Requests from roommates must be received by April 30th each year.

When we make your assignment, your Room Preferences will guide us. However, your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be honored – even if you didn't preference that location.

Returning Student Roommate Requests
As a Returning student you will select your own room during the Returning Student Room Registration process. During this process you will also have the option of selecting your own roommate(s) by using the “Roommate Code” function.

Need Help Finding A Roommate?
Join our Jaguar Roommate Connection group on Facebook! This group was created to assist students in self-selecting roommates before moving on campus in the fall. Participation in the system in completely voluntary and is completed in 3 simple steps: 

STEP 1: RESPOND TO QUESTIONS & COMPLETE YOUR MINI-BIO...We ask you (the student) to respond to a series of basic personal profile questions (found at the bottom of the group's news feed) that will allow students to find others with the same or similar responses. Typically the "question" process is the most beneficial to those joining the group at the beginning of the year, as it serves as an additional conversation-starter. 

Students may also choose to create and post a "Mini-Bio" containing additional information that may enable the reader to obtain a better understanding about the student (hometown/state, intended major, hobbies, etc.). The Mini-Bio may also contain information about a student's "ideal roommate." (EX: "I'm looking for a roommate who's outgoing, clean/organized, appreciates the outdoors, and wants to get involved on campus!")

STEP 2: SEARCH & BROWSE...Once the student has responded to all pinned questions and posted a Mini-Bio, the student may then browse the posts for other students with similar responses or interests. See someone you're interested in? Send them a private message expressing your interest in learning more about them as a potential roommate. If/when you feel comfortable, students may exchange phone numbers to learn even more. 

STEP 3: SUBMIT YOUR ROOMMATE REQUEST IN WRITING...If you find someone with whom you wish to room, both you and your potential roommate should submit a written request to the Housing & Residence Life assignments team containing that person's full name AND Jag Number (J00...). This can be accomplished on your Residence Hall Contract (if you have not yet submitted) or by sending an e-mail to

MORE RESOURCES...Just because you answered several questions similarly to a potential roommate, you still may not see eye to eye on other key issues. We urge you to review the "Roommate Relationships" page to learn about additional discussion points that you and the other student should discuss and explore before making your final selection. We also urge you to complete the "Roommate Agreement" prior to, or shortly after moving-in. Residence Life staff members are available to assist you with this process upon move-in.