Maintaining Immigration Status for English Language Center Students

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International Students on F-1 visas in the English Language Center (ELC) must maintain full-time enrollment to comply with immigration regulations.  ELC students on an F-1 or J-1 student visa must be enrolled as full-time students in a full-time course of study (class schedule).  Full-time for the ELC means twenty hours of class per week.  All F-1 students must be enrolled and pursuing a full course of study in order to be in compliance with the US DHS SEVIS immigration regulations regardless of whether the ELC or USA International Student Services is a student’s PDSO/DSO (school official issuing the I-20).  During the Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II, and Summer terms, a "full-time student" means a student who is enrolled in four classes (five days a week) and is in good academic standing.
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International students (F-1) in the English Language Center are not authorized for employment off campus.  Students who choose to work without authorization jeopardize their immigration status, will be forced to leave the United States immediately, and may not be able to re-enter at a later date.  English Language Center students are not permitted to work on campus because since they have not not admitted to the University and are not enrolled as University of South Alabama students.
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All international students in the English Language Center are automatically enrolled in the University's health insurance plan upon registration.  For students whose insurance coverage is sponsored under a Government Scholarship Letter/Financial Guarantee Letter this documentation must be provided no later than the first day of classes along with a copy of the actual insurance card.  Again, this information must be received PRIOR to the first day of classes for the enrolled semester, subsequent terms, and/or as requested.  Scholarship/Financial Guarantee supported international students are responsible for all premiums and fees billed to their accounts if such documents are not received as requested.  
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