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Interested in Study Abroad?

Studying abroad can be one of the highlights of your university career. You will have wonderful and challenging experiences that will allow you to grow both academically and personally and prepare you to compete in today's diverse and global world. We know that planning for this adventure can be overwhelming at times, so we have assembled some information to help get you started. Remember, the Office of International Education is always here to answer your questions and help you along the way!

Questions to Consider when choosing a program:
  • Why do I want to go abroad?
  • What subject areas do I want to study?
  • Do I need to fulfill any academic requirements abroad?
  • What is my foreign language ability?
  • Do I speak another language and do I want to use that language abroad?
  • What country or region of the world appeals the most to me?
  • Would I rather live in an urban or rural enviornment?
  • Would I prefer to live with a host family, in a dorm, or in a student apartment?
  • What year do I want study to abroad (sophomore, junior, or senior)?
  • How long would I like my program to last (semester, year, summer, internship, or mini-term)?
  • How will I pay for my study abroad experience?
  • Do I need financial assistance

Program Types

Faculty-led programs:

Faculty-led programs are led by USA professors.  All courses taken on these programs are USA courses and offer USA credits that will apply to your degree. Students on faculty-led programs will travel as a group and take classes in various locations.

Priority is given to students with an overall grade point average of 2.25 or above. Students below the 2.25 GPA should consult the program director for permission to apply.  Individual program directors may choose to set a higher minimum GPA.

Students on Faculty-led programs pay a program fee that includes tuition, housing abroad, in-country travel, international insurance, and other on-site expenses.  Generally, this fee DOES NOT include airfare.

Faculty-Led programs vary from year to year, and a complete listing of all summer programs will be available mid-fall.

Semester/Year Exchange Programs:

International Exchange programs are partnerships with specific universities around the world with which USA has a special, reciprocal relationship. USA students are directly enrolled in the host university and students from the host university attend USA.

Typically a student must hold a 3.0 GPA at the time of application. Language requirements vary by program.

In most cases, USA tuition and fees will be charged to the student’s USA account and will be paid directly through PAWS.  Housing and living expenses will usually be paid directly to the host university.  At the end of your time abroad, students will request to have their transcripts sent to USA's Registrar.

USA Affiliate programs:

USA affiliate programs allow students to enroll in a partner university or program through a third-party provider.

GPA requirements vary by program.

Students are billed by the program provider or host institution and pay fees directly to host. Students will not pay USA tuition.  A $150 course/administration fee will be charged to the student’s account. This fee usually covers insurance but occasionally there are additional insurance fees associated with these programs.

USA students are enrolled in a placeholder course and credit will be awarded upon receipt of their program transcript.  At the end of your time abroad, students will request to have their transcripts sent to USA's Registrar.

 Affiliates & Exchanges


AIFS - American Institute for Foreign Study

Alliance for Global Education

API - Academics Program International

ASA - Academic Studies Abroad

CIEE - Council on International Educational Exchange

CIEF - Centre International d'Etudes Françaises

CISabroad - Center for International Studies Abroad

IFSA - Institute for Study Abroad

ISA - International Studies Abroad

KEI - Knowledge Exchange Institute

MLSA - Modern Language Studies Abroad

Sol Education Abroad

SAI - Study Abroad Italy

USAC - University Studies Abroad Consortium

Exchanges & Direct Enroll

Aarhus University

Fuzhou University

Kansai Gaidai University 

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule Worms

University of Castilla - La Mancha

University College Dublin

University of Passau

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