Scholarship Opportunities

Too many students rule out studying abroad because they think they cannot afford it.  However, studying abroad can be very affordable, especially with the assistance of scholarships.  Check out these scholarship and alternate funding options for ways to make study abroad a reality for you!

USA Scholarships

USA Scholarships are directly affiliated with the University of South Alabama.  All USA scholarships now run through the scholarship database JagSPOT.  In order to find a specific USA scholarship, you will login to JagSPOT using your J# and JagMail password, search for the specific scholarship, and complete the application.


  • Study Abroad Scholarship: All study abroad applicants are encouraged to apply for OIE's scholarship. To apply, search "Study Abroad Scholarship" in JagSPOT.
  • USA Paws around the World Scholarship for Study Abroad is a scholarship for students who are enrolled as degree seeking USA students in good academic and non-academic standing, with preference given to students who graduated from an Alabama high school.  To apply, search "USA Paws Around the World Study Abroad Scholarship" in JagSPOT.

Arts & Sciences

  • The Ella and Cody Wims Scholarship for Study Abroad is a scholarship for sophomores or juniors participating on University-approved programs where students earn at least three semester credit hours towards graduation.  To apply, search "Ella and Cody Wims Scholarship for Study Abroad" in JagSPOT.
  • The Nowlin-Caldwell Scholarship is a scholarship that awards up to $3,000 annually to a sophomore, junior, or senior with at least a 2.5 GPA and a declared major in the College of Arts & Sciences to fund overseas travel.  For more information, contact the College of Arts & Sciences.  To apply, search "Nowlin-Caldwell Scholarship" in JagSPOT.

  • The James and Ivel Caldwell Scholarship is a scholarship for any Arts and Sciences major with at least a 3.0 GPA in their major and in foreign language courses who is studying abroad.  For more information, contact the College of Arts & Sciences.  To apply, search "James and Ivel Caldwell Scholarship" in JagSPOT.

Foreign Language Majors

  • The Foreign Language Scholarship to Study Abroad offers awards to language majors when they fulfill the mandatory study abroad requirement aspect of their major.  For more information, contact the Modern and Classical Languages and Literature Department.  To apply, search "The Foreign Language Scholarship to Study Abroad" in JagSPOT.

  • The Felicia Cooley Award is awarded to a student that is deemed the best in Intermediate Spanish II by the department of Modern and Classical Languages & Literature.  He or she is awarded $250.00 that is to be used exclusively for Study Abroad. For more information, contact the Modern and Classical Languages and Literature Department. To apply, search "The Foreign Language Scholarship to Study Abroad" in JagSPOT.
  • The Lesser Taught Languages Scholarship Award is awarded to a student in one of the “lesser-taught languages” or Latin at USA. For more information, contact the Modern and Classical Languages and Literature Department. To apply, search "The Foreign Language Scholarship to Study Abroad" in JagSPOT.

Honors Students

  • The Honors Program Study Abroad Scholarship offers competitive grants to students who have accepted the Honors Frederick P. Whiddon Scholarship and are studying abroad.  Contact the Honors Program for more information.

External Scholarships

External Scholarships and Fellowships are not directly offered by the University of South Alabama, but OIE can help you apply for them.  For tips on how to apply for study abroad scholarships, visit Go Abroad’s Ten Ways to Score a Study Abroad Scholarship



Location Specific

Language Specific

Art Specific

Service Learning and Volunteer Abroad


  • Project GO (Global Officers) is for ROTC students interested in studying a critical language. Project GO programs focus exclusively on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, and Africa.

Graduate or Postgraduate Specific


  • Many local organizations (for instance, Rotary Club) can provide funding for study abroad students.  Consider asking your family and friends if they have any ties to a local organization.
  • Don’t see a scholarship or fellowship that fits your needs here?  Check out Study Abroad Funding or Money Geek's Study Abroad Scholarship page for more opportunities. 

Crowdfunding for Personal Funding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is not a scholarship per se, but it is another option for you to explore for funding.  Crowdfunding platforms may help provide you with ways to encourage your friends and family to help you pay for your program. Be sure to check through the details of each of the resources as there are typically fees involved as well as a portion of the donations to your fund kept by the company.

  • FundMyTravel is an online crowdfunding platform specifically developed to suit the needs of individuals desiring to study or volunteer abroad.
  • GoFundMe is a personal online fundraising website for individuals, groups & organizations.
  • Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, small business, gaming, theater, and more.
  • Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. 
  • Project Travel is a peer-funding platform that makes educational travel possible.