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USA Expertise Clusters

  • Informatics (pdf)
  • Applied Statistics (coming soon)
  • Mechanobiology (coming soon)
  • Mitchell Cancer Institute-Cancer Control and Prevention Workgroup (coming soon)
  • Health Disparities Research Group (coming soon)

Committee on Shared Instrumentation (COSI) – more information coming soon!

The USA is capitalizing on this accelerated growth period in it’s history to ensure that necessary infrastructure and support mechanisms are in place so that shared research instrumentation is operational, maintained, and on par with state-of-the-art technology standards. The Committee for Shared Instrumentation (COSI) is in the process of being established at USA and is one example of institutional infrastructure that address shared instrumentation issues. This committee, comprised of faculty and research administration personnel will be charged with compiling quantifiable outcomes metrics to support return on investment analyses. Importantly , COSI will also ensure that best practices are developed and adhered to regarding:

  • The appropriate upkeep, maintenance, and access to shared instrumentation across the campus;
  • Access to shared instrumentation by outside institutions and companies;
  • Training and use protocols;
  • Provision of technical support;
  • Facilitating/coordi nating outreach efforts (equipment demos to local schools, etc.)

COSI will oversee and provide the requisites to maintain shared instrumentation in a fully operational state and will protect and preserve agency and USA investments in shared instrumentation until such time as the needs exceed the capacity or useable technology.