Campus Safety and Improvement Committee

Campus Safety and Improvement Committee Members


The committee is one of the most USA oriented committees on First Year Council. We work hand in hand with many faculty, staff, and students to help facilitate the improvement of campus life while listening to the South’s community to know what they need the most. Campus Safety and Improvement  is full of members who are ready to listen and represent the student body here at South for the greater good of the university.

Committee Projects thus far:

  • Lighting the boardwalk between Humanities and the Student Center
  • Bringing stop signs to the Azalea Hall parking lot
  • Getting steps put in the upper and lower parts of the new hall parking lot
  • Keeping the stairways of the residents halls clean
  • Putting a traffic signal between the Moulton Tower and the track field
  • Getting guest passes for the Rec Center
  • Lighting the area between the Central and Gamma parking lots
  • Getting more surveillance cameras in the parking lots around campus