The duties, as defined by the Code-of-Laws, for the Rules Committee are:

305.1 The Rules Committee of the Senate shall be responsible for enforcing Senate rules and regulations concerning senator’s attendance and committee requirements.

305.2 If senators wish to have absences excused, they will report to the Rules Committee within seven (7) days. Automatically excused absences will include illness (verified by a Doctor’s excuse) and deaths in the family.

305.3 All other absences will be reviewed by the Rules Committee, upon request, for consideration.

305.4 Decisions of the Rules Committee can be appealed to the Chief Justice.

Rules Chair:

Addison Grissett, Allied Health Senator |

Rules Members:

Collin Miller
Lacey Bemis 
Jack Stover
Kaysie Wagoner
Tia Nickens
Jacqueline Brazile